Raticate break decklist// my first post


I haven’t tested the deck, and probably won’t find the time, but there is no doubt about it being clunky. I would probably take out ariados, and a 2-2 split with mew EX and sableye.


If you were going to add Mew-EX, I would rather add a normal Mew FCO instead.It only gives up one prize, and it has free retreat.Mew-EX only has 10 more health than Raticate Break, besides the benefits of Dimension Valley.I would rather attach one more energy, or use a DCE, than give up two prizes.


I think mew FCO is a wonderful idea. Especially because it allows you to use rattatas attacks without wasting a rattata.


Maybe, but if I were to use mew fco, when would I use it? Sableye would probably be needed once, and when would I want to use rattata’s attack? I figured I could at least have a second attacker without as much setup.


mew can use attacks of any of your pokermons attacks


Mew EX can, mew fco is only your basic Pokémon.


Like I said, rattatas attack is so good that mew FCO is a rly gud idea


so why not mew ex so we can use raticates moves


That is what I had planned all along.


Are we talking evolutions rattata, or are you just joking with me?


Hey it’s ryecat I changed it because I was going to put my competitive deck on here too just haven’t gotten to it


go ahead lets see it


I’m joking. It was meant to be a point that new FCO only works on basics, not necessarily pointed towards you


Sorry, hard to understand jokes over the internet


Please don’t. While it is nice to have a forum to talk about stuff, I think it is best to have two different forums about different decks so people can understand and communicate easier. But I would love to see your other deck in a different forum.


Mew can use Rattatas attack, which does 10 damage, enough to score a knockout if you don’t have a Laser.It only gives up one prize, and has free retreat.Encounter is also useful for filling evolution chains.

This was all a joke.


I don’t post any of my best material, because I want to keep my rogues secret for tournaments.I recommend you do the same.


Very good for the same reason I dont post my major tournament results. Because those are my beter teams and if I win i can try to be discreet about it instead of sharing exactly how i won. Such as two top 10 finishes in regionals three years back.


Hey I don’t mind if it is expanded. Thanks for all your great ideas. Hope i can change it up and get it into working condition.