Raticate break decklist// my first post


Hey this is my first post. I am a veteran to Pokémon. I have been playing for a decade now. I recently got in competitive play here is my deck let me know what you think.:+1:
Pokémon 25
4 rattata evo 66/108
2 raticate evo 67/108
2 raticate bkp 88/122
3 raticate break bkp 89/122
1 omastar break fac 19/124
1 omanyte fac 17/124
1 omastar fac 18/124
1 meowth fac 74/124
2 spinarak steam 5/98
2 ariados steam 6/98
1 gyrados ex bkp 114/122
1 Articuno ex plasma storm 25/135
1 keldeo ex bw61
1 Staryu bw 23/99
1 starmie evo 31/108
1 starmie evo 32/108

Trainers 27
4 professor sycamore
1 teammates
2 lysandre
1 enhanced hammer
2 winona
1 trainers mail
2 random receivers
2 acro bikes
1 Wally
2 faded town
2 super rod
2 special charge
1 helix fossil omanyte
4 level balls

Energys 8
4 double colorless
4 water

Hey :wave:
Give suggestions and let me know if you want to see my main deck


Why are you running a 1-1-1 Omastar line, the Meowth, and the Water types?


The break is probably to lure out megas to attack. The water types probably as the secondary he wanted. The meowth I don’t know.


This is a deck where it is beneficial to be focused on one goal. Also, a 1-1-1 line is very unrealistic to get out, especially considering that it is a fossil Pokemon.


Ya that makes sense some of the trainer amounts could be fixed as well


I have to agree with Latte1504 on this. Raticate runs a 4-4-4 line, ariados a 3-3, maybe 2 Shaymin. There is no need for anything with water pokemon, and I would cut 4 water energy for 3 Grass for last moment impounded. Also, 2 important cards for expanded. 1. Hyper Fang was on a regular raticate. If the deck is all about hyper fang, you need to run that raticate. One of the first black and white sets I believe. 2. Hypnotoxic laser. Automatic poison, and you can cut a few ariados. Those are at least must haves I believe.

Just checked, the raticate I am talking about is in Boundries Crossed. http://www.pokemon.com/us/pokemon-tcg/pokemon-cards/bw-series/bw7/105/


Forgot to ask in the last paragraph, but this is for expanded to make sure? Standard raticate is almost a completely different deck.


Don’t you want to play the raticate from breakthrough? It’s immune to special conditions. Also, raticate break is important as it puts your opponent at one health so poisen finishes it off.


You definitely want to run the Breakpoint one, if it’s STANDARD. In expanded, you really only have just about 100 hp, so it will be a quick knockout no matter what. You have hypnotoxic laser, so I might just drop ariados completely and run 4, 4 puzzle of time, and team plasma triad to get them back. There is mew EX and dimension valley, so you could get turn 1 knockouts. Rattata->Wally->Raticate-> Mew EX->Dimension Valley-> hypnotoxic laser-> KO. It is probably more rare that I think, but with 4 Trainers mail, you could do it. No matter what, they will probably kill raticate, so you could use the attack instead of an ability that means little in the long run.


Because of Keldeo EX and Articuno EX, it is Expanded.Since it is Expanded, we should make full advantage of the tools we posses in Expanded.This is my personal list for Expanded.

4 Rattata EVO
3 Ratticate PLF
1 Ratticate EVO
4 Ratticate Break BKP
2 Sableye DEX
2 Shaymin EX
4 Professor Juniper
1 N
2 Colress
2 Winona
2 Lysandre
2 Aspertia City Gym
3 Level Ball
3 Ultra Ball
4 Hypnotoxic Laser
4 Trainers Mail
4 VS Seeker
1 Super Rod
2 Super Scoop Up
2 Reversal Trigger
1 Rocky Helmet
1 Computer Search
4 Double Colorless Energy
2 Darkness Energy

First, there are some weird things in my list.One is the Sableye tech. I found the Sableye invaluable as an emergency option for recovering resources and trying to stall out some turns with confuse ray.Confuse ray can also get the 10 damage needed to knockout if you don’t have Hypnotoxic Laser in hand.Rocky Helmet can do the same thing.One of the problems in Expanded is Item Lock, and there isn’t much you can tech in that wouldn’t make the deck clunkier against other matchups.


Reversal trigger only works when attached to a plasma Pokémon.


Oops sorry forgot that it was Break evolved, I would just replace it with Rocky Helmet then.


I love your idea of sableye! Definitely one of the more interesting cards. But why is everyone running evolutions raticate??? I know that it is good, but the point of the deck is to take one hit KOs with raticate.


Evolutions Raticate offers a chance to punish players for having a lot of SE in the discard, and crunch is good chip damage and disruption


I admit that it does have its uses, but I still prefer boundaries crossed one, maybe more to personal preference.


Hey what do you guys recommend I do with the deck? I would love ideas so I can make it the best it can be!


I don’t know about Raticate. Two shots and your opponent basically one shots you most of the time, I don’t think it’s a super competitive idea outside of being fun. Which it is.


While you are right that it is a fun deck, PerkyPancham, it actually does one-shot literally everything with poison (ariados/hypnotoxic laser) or even the new burn rule! As for how to run the deck, your choice! There are different styles and partners. I would personally choose it with sableye, mew ex, dimension valley, and dark energy. However, I’m sure someone who has actually tested the deck can have a better case than me.

Also, just realized, and I don’t know if it was an owner or ryecat1011, but the title has changed to “Deck List Ideas”. Since this is only about raticate, could someone please change it? Thanks!


I favor the ratticate from plasma freeze, because it has free retreat, and its attack recovers a plasma pokemon, a plasma trainer card, and a plasma energy (which we don’t run) , and puts them into your hand.It works as an excellent source of recovery.


The problem with getting that is the deck is really clunky, but with lasers it’s good if you can make it consistent