Raichu XY Variants // BCR-on

Drop Acro Bike and add Trainers Mail.

Second the Winona:

However, I question whether Ditto is even needed in a deck like this…

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I thought about using Ditto in the Ninetales version (where it makes slightly more sense), but I don’t think it’s needed with Robo Subs and Eggs.

N shouldn’t be in here.

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Colress replacement or another supporter or something different entirely?

Not another Supporter, as I don’t think they go well with high Shaymin counts.

I am finding that Repeat Ball is decent in this kind of deck.

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Repeat Ball seems to be good in this deck. I can agree that Ditto is really sub par in this deck, it can be a Winona target, but it doesn’t seem to be to beneficial.

Eggs are really good since they serve the two purposes in this deck, being able to get Pokemon out fast with Ultra Ball, and being able to be benched to get the damage you need to score the Knock Out.

I am however failing to see how Robo Subs is good in this deck. Maybe as a two of so you can use it to fill up your bench and then be able to discard it later on to bench a Shaymin or another Pokemon of use. But definitely not in counts of four.

Captain Obvious moment! But there are 3 free Raichu XY decklists by the the one and only Kyle @Sabelhaus

Also kinda of funny that [4 Sycamore/Juniper] and 3-4 N automatically becomes 3-4 Colress and 1 N with the introduction of the format changing SKYFIELD!!! death to N

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It’s a testament to how poor our draw options have been that for years now 3-4 N has been staple . . . even in the rushiest of rush decks. Without consistent draw, any deck becomes unstable and liable to fall behind, and besides, what else are you going to use? Shauna? Birch? Colress? Bleh, as Shuppet ROS would say.

Shaymin goes some way towards freeing us from having to use that stupid card. Skyfield helps get the most out of it. Things like Acro Bike and Trainers Mail help a little.


On the topic of Acro Bike vs. Trainers Mail, which do you think is better and in which situations (card combos or card counts)? Huge question so let me try to narrow it down a bit. What are the Pros and Cons of each?

Acro Bike:
Pros- mills cards faster, allows to select any card from two choices, never a dud card (unless you only have one card in your deck @_@).
(by mill cards, I mean discard without using in game)
(by dud card, I mean you play the card but it has no effect)
Cons- discards the other card, overall hand size remains unchanged

Trainer Mail:
Pros- doesn’t mill cards, allows to select a Trainer from four choices, or none if there isn’t one, no cards are discarded (except Trainer Mail of course).
Cons- may be a dud card, overall hand size remains unchanged

Oh and the obvious that both are Items and can be Item Locked.

I’ll will surely be working in Terakion into this deck. Retaliate+Muscle Band=OHKO on MManny!

Because the text says: “You may reveal…” that means Trainer Mail can be failed intentionally. Like even if you flip over a Trainer in the top four cards, can you choose not to pick up any of them.

However with Acro Bike you have to “…put 1 of them into your hand.” So you can’t intentionally fail the search/choice.

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The difference is between public and private information.

When you look at the top 4 cards with Trainers’ Mail, those 4 cards remain private, so the game never knows whether or not a Trainer card is present. Hence you can choose to fail the search.

With Acro Bike, the fact that you look at 2 cards is public knowledge (though the nature of the cards is not), so you have no choice but to follow the instructions.

I personally prefer Trainers’ Mail. It wont discard any cards (although discarding cards can be beneficial for some decks) and the ability to fail it’s search is kind of nifty.

Here’s my list as of now:

4-4 Raichu
3 Terrakion
2 Exeggcute
1 Jirachi-EX
1 Shaymin-EX
1 Mewtwo-EX

4 Prof Juniper
3 Colress
2 N
1 Wally
1 Trump
1 Lysandre
3 Vs Seeker

4 Trainers’ Mail
1 Silver Bangle
2 Muscle Band
4 Ultra Ball
1 Repeat Ball
2 Battle Compressor
2 Switch
1 Dowsing Machine

3 Skyfield Gym

5 Fighting

1 Shaymin is way too low for this deck, at least 3.

Yes and no.

While I highly agree that Shaymin-EX is a great card, it is also a very fragile card that can be easily picked off; especially in a deck like this that tries to trade non-EX for EX. It also comes down to price, as I do not have the money to drop 100 dollars on a few Shaymin-EXs. I feel that the 1 Shaymin is mainly used for the initial boost that it gives this already consistent deck. Multiple Shaymin-EXs are also probably better in a build that doesn’t already run Terrakion, Mewtwo, and Jirachi. Just my two cents anyway… :smile:

Also this deck is very consistent! Not like I just tossed in a bunch of item draw speed cards consistent, but naturally consistent like VG. I often get 170-180 attacks as early as T1 and T2 -and I’m not even playing the speed version!

Not convinced by Terrakion. Bouffalant LTR and even Druddigon FLF are better Revenge Pokemon. Partly this is because they can OHKO Shaymin w/Muscle Band (Terrakion can’t do it even with Bangle, thanks to Resistance). Mainly, though, it’s because they only need a single Energy attachment.

I just can’t see 90 HP Raichus surving long enough to give you the luxury of attaching to Terrakion for 2 turns. 3 of them is completely unnecessary anyway.

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I’ll take it one step further: If you have high counts of Supporters, high counts of Shaymin EX “don’t go well” together. It’s not fun to draw to 6 if you have 5 Supporters in your hand and have already played one that turn too.

This is another solid reason not to run high counts of Shaymin EX too.

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The Terrakion were here to help my MManectric matchup run a little smoother. Land Crush OHKOs with a Muscle Band or a Retaliate with a Muscle Band after a Piiemon is Knocked Out OHKOs.

I want to build this deck as a budget deck so I would like to know. Would this deck Still function well with out any shaymins? I don’t think I’m ready to dish out $90 just to get 3 Shaymin…

Edit: Also can somebody show me what a skeleton list without shaymins would look like? Thanks in advance!