Raichu XY Variants // BCR-on

After finding out Ninetales is still legal, I decided to run this at States (although the thing is a month away) Here is what I’ve cooked up so far.

By the way, the deck revolves around getting cheap KOs on EX Pokemon and the rest of the format.
Pokemon- 17
3 Pikachu XY
3 Raichu XY
3 Vulpix PLC (Primal Clash, don’t know the set abbreviation)
3 Ninetales BW66
2 Eevee PLF
2 Leafeon PLF
1 Kyurem EX PLB

33 Trainers
15 Supporters
4 Professor Juniper
4 N
2 Colress
2 Team Flare Grunt
2 Skyla
1 Lysandre’s Last Resort

18 Items/Stadiums
4 Hypnotoxic Laser
4 Ultra Ball
1 Professor’s Letter
1 Dowsing Machine
4 Muscle Band
3 Vs Seeker
1 Switch

Energy- 10
6 Fire Energy
4 Double Colorless Energy

(btw if there is a forum thread for this, sorry. I didn’t notice while searching.)

It’s an interesting concept. However,

  1. PCL is the official abbreviation for Primal Clash

  2. What is Kyurem PLB? Do you mean Kyurem PLF? Do you mean Kyurem-EX PLB?

Also, you have a serious damage cap of 100 here with what I’m assuming is the main attacker.

It’s a cool deck, I’d just like to know what you did to get those crucial 1-hit KOs.

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Dang, I meant States. I’m planning for States. Anyways, the main focus is to try to abuse weakness as much as you can. Leafeon takes away Kyogre, Groudon, and Seismitoad, Ninetales counters metal and Genesect (Flare grunt, but considering Reshiram) Raichu takes away Yvetal. The deck is pure fun, but can be competitive as seen last year.

I have a couple of questions/feedback.
1.Raichu is indeed great at killing Yveltal(and Rayquaza in the near future,) but I’d use 3-4 stadiums to get rid of Shadow Circle. Leafeon seems good at beating Kyogre and Seismitoad, but you might want to include 1-2 Deoxys EX to make sure you get the OHKO with a Silver Bangle attached.
2. And then there’s VirGen. Verdant Wind blocks Lasers, so I’d definitely add 3-4 Silent Labs from the new expansion.
3.Repeat Ball(also from Primal Clash) is a must as you really NEED to stream attackers.
4. What is Kyurem EX used for? Landorus EX, I’m presuming? If anything I’d worry much more about Manectric as it OHKO’s everything you have while setting up faster and charging up more of them. Dugtrio is a possibility but if it’s Mega it won’t be OHKOed. Your best bet in that matchup would probably be to Bright Look around it and kill Yveltal, Kyogre, Groudon, Seismitoad, or whatever they’re charging up, or maybe add in a Mewtwo EX instead. Personally, I’d do neither and hope to avoid Manectric lol.
5. The only other downright bad matchup I’m seeing… and this is a big one… is Fairies. No hitting for weakness= no OHKOs, then watching max potion shenanigans and Gardevoir/Kangaskhan slaughtering you. Uh-oh!

Hope that helps! =] I happen to love this deck myself so good luck!

personally, I’d Opt to play some Munna BCR. It really helps out on the entire deal with Ninetales. Drop an N and Juniper :slight_smile:

Until skyfield comes out in america.

I’ve tried this deck before and balancing the basic fire with the DCE is hard. Basically the DCE is only used on Raichu, which means if the DCE is in your hand and Raichu isn’t on the board, it’s a dead card. Also because most of the pokemon have ~90HP you have a really hard time filling your bench and Circle Circuit rarely hits for OHKO, even on lighting weak pokes. I think you might be better off using Outrage Zekrom.

Something I have been wanting to try but haven’t had the time is Ninetales/Balloons w/Hammers. Just an idea.

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What is your source for this?
I thought it was PRC.

  1. Definitely running 2-3 labs to beat up Yveltal and Virgen. I don’t think I want to include Deoxys because it can also be used as Lysandre bait.
  2. Above
  3. Forgot about Repeat Ball. Definitely running it.
  4. I think I might be able to beat the matchup with a Hawchula (don’t know how it’s spelled) thanks to the Silent Lab.
  5. For the Gardevoir Matchup, I’m Scizor BCR for a two hit knockout plus a nice EX repellent attack. Wait a second…

Thanks for the advice! I really appreciate it! :smile:

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This looks cool, but I really don’t know if it’ll work. You have so many cards that are terribly useless in any other match-up but one, and all this inconsistency really hinders the progress of the deck. Perhaps 1 or 2 battle compressors could be squeezed in to rectify this? I would drop a muscle band and an N for them, as this deck can be fast, meaning you’ll start taking prizes earlier, making 4 N a little bit clunky. 3 Muscle band is sufficient, especially as battle compressor will thin out the deck and allow you to get to it faster. Also note that with battle compressor and vs. seeker, you have a supporter!


Or you could use Malamar EX and avoid the coin flip.

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But then you have to move the energy to a ninetales or something else. I threw this out because of the 2012-2013 deck “Ninetales/Munna” which is similar to this one.

that was a very fun deck. i still got that made (partially) in my thingy of cards

With the release of Roaring Skies, Raichu XY has got Sky Field to boost the damage of Circle Circuit as well as M Rayquaza-EX ROS 76 to hit for Weakness. Raichu and friends have already seen impressive success in Japan; will they reign in the Standard format as well?

Raichu variants that I can think of:

  • With Ninetales DRX / Ninetales PRC (to prevent Sky Field from being bumped);
  • With Mr. Mime PLF / Exeggcute PLB (to recover quickly from Stadium alternations);
  • With Leafeon PLF / Deoxys-EX (to hit Seismitoad-EX, Kyogre-EX, Groudon-EX, etc. for Weakness);
  • With Garbodor DRX / Wobbuffet PHF (to shut down Set Up, Clear Humming, etc.).
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How about a Raichu/Seismitoad EX deck featuring Shaymin EX and Ghetsis. (to Item Lock/out draw your opponent.)
This is specifically to counter Rayquaza EX decks. VirGen would crush you…

It seems that Raichu decks are capable of setting up quickly, hitting the magic number of 180 with ease, so I am not sure whether Seismitoad-EX would do great help here:

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It seems like this is already your hard counter:

Lead Wobbuffet to shut off there Set Up, then evolve into Garb to take Altaria out of the equation. This variant does seem like it would struggle when your Sky field is bounced however. Which is why it was most likely made to directly counter Mega Ray.

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Credit @ApokemonTrader (aka) OmniPoke (aka) Joe

My current list:
nt list

Tech one Winona has been something I’m liking a lot in my current build, can be really nice when you have to fill up for bench for the KO. I’m also not a huge fan of bangle in here, and one Colress seems low for this deck, two at least.