Question about flight standings


Purely curiosity:
Let’s say it’s NAIC and player A got 129th in his flight with 60% resistance. Player B got 128th in his flight with 59% resistance (same record). Would player A make top 256 because he did “better” than player B or would it still depend on his placing, I.e. he would bubble too 256


Standings for Top 128 and 256 are based on merged flight standings, not a pure 64/64 or 128/128 from each. It’s possible for one flight to be more represented than the other.


So I can get 136th in a flight still possibly make top 256 but if I get 34th with better resistance than someone in another flight I won’t say two?


Odds are pretty good that NAIC’s Top Cut will he decided by 7-2 count this year anyway. In principle, though, your understanding is accurate.

A few years ago—maybe the last Nationals—this occurred with regard to the Top 64 Cut. One flight had a 19 point player at 32nd and the other had a 20 point player at 33rd. The 19 was in Day 2.


I guess the best way to find out what cp you get from this tournament is just to check Poké and pray lol.


Generally, I’ve posted merged standings on Friday night from the publicly available information. We’ll see what they give us this year.