Question about Eevee FFI Ruling

What is the ruling on the new Eevee? Is it able to evolve on the first turn, or not? I have heard both from reputable sources at League. This will greatly affect game play.

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For the record, here are all the official rulings

Energy Evolution

                    (Eevee - Furious Fists)
       Q. For Eevee, can you attach an energy

and use its “Energy Evolution” ability and evolve on your first turn?
How about on Eevee’s first turn in play?

A. Yes. You can evolve on your first turn and also on the turn that you
played Eevee via this Ability. (Furious Fists FAQ; Aug 28, 2014 TPCi
Rules Team)

Q. Will Eevee’s “Energy Evolution” ability still trigger if it has an
Energy attached to it while it’s affected by a Special Condition?

A. There is no text on the card to say it’s shut off, so it still works
even when afflicted by a Special Condition. (Furious Fists FAQ; Aug 28,
2014 TPCi Rules Team)

Q. If I attach a Rainbow Energy to Eevee, what Energy type does it count as for “Energy Evolution”?

A. Rainbow Energy is not a Basic Energy card. It will not trigger the Ability. (Furious Fists FAQ; Aug 28, 2014 TPCi Rules Team)

Q. What happens if I attach a Fighting Energy type to Eevee?

A. You still get to search your deck even though you would not be able
to find a suitable evolution card. (Furious Fists FAQ; Aug 28, 2014 TPCi
Rules Team)

Q. Say I attach a Water Energy to Eevee and do “Energy Evolution”. I
want to find a Glaceon but unfortunately I only have a Vaporeon in my
deck. Do I have to attach the Vaporeon to Eevee?

A. No. Any search for a specific card or type of card in your deck can
be “failed” at your option. (Furious Fists FAQ; Aug 28, 2014 TPCi Rules

Q. If I attach a Basic Energy to Eevee and trigger its “Energy
Evolution” ability but choose an evolution belonging to Team Plasma,
would I take the damage from Frozen City stadium or not?

A. The mandatory effect of the Frozen City stadium comes before the
optional effect of Energy Evolution. If the Eevee is not a Team Plasma
Pokemon before choosing whether to use Energy Evolution, you would take
the damage from Frozen City. (Aug 28, 2014 TPCi Rules Team)

Q. If Eevee only has 10hp left and Frozen City is in play, would it be
KO’d before I have a chance to use its “Energy Evolution” ability by
attaching a Basic Energy?

A. No, it would not. All triggered effects have to be resolved before
checking for KO’s, so you would take the +10 damage for Frozen City
first, then use Energy Evolution to search your deck. Of course, if you
fail the search and Eevee’s damage is greater than or equal to its HP,
then Eevee is KO’d. (Aug 28, 2014 TPCi Rules Team)

Sourced from The Compendium


I liked this part, that same ruling applies to Korrina too. @thegrovylekid

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