Pyukumuku/ bursting balloon a deadly combo


When I went to the am prerelease this was a card I instantly picked as a threat. I used this in the prerelease and ended up winning. The ability innards out causes sixty damage to the opposing attacker when koed. Bursting balloon does 60 damage to the opponent when touched. As you probably in know pyukumuku has an attack as well. Only 10x but it all adds up. Especially when the opp player is scared of hitting pyukumuku. So while they aren’t attacking you are setting up your bench while simultaneously chipping at the other pokemon s health.


Dont forget Sharpedo from sm :wink:


Sharpest sharpest is a very low key card that will likely not be used much. Yes pyukumuku has weaknesses everydeck does but everydeck has counters for the weaknesses as well


Sharpedo gets extra damage with alolan dugtrios and team aqua secret base. On a heavy pokemon he can do some damage along with bursting balloon.


I believe the attack is 30x until you get tails, implying an average damage of 30 (35 with a fury belt!)
I don’t see the format shaping around this card, although it looks super fun.
I mean, the thumpnail caption “Will not end well” from Ross (ptcgradio) was spot on for my thoughts upon seeing he’d done a video on it.


Your right it is 30x with fury belt it is 40x or am I wrong on that.


nope its 30x (+10), which means that if you flip 0 heads, you don’t get the plus 10, (which is half the time). So its the same as 30x, just the 50% of the time that you flip 1+ heads, you do 10 extra, hence you only benefit from the fury belt half the time, hence average damage is 35.


Got it I was a little confused since I don’t normally play fury belt