Pyroar FLF Variants // BCR-on

Pyroar/Safeguard/Latias Ex/Aegislash Ex…

Srry but pyroar is dead:
“Pyroar FLF is officially dead as a meta game threat. Life was already hard on Pyroar thanks to M Manectric EX and Seismitoad EX paired with Hypnotoxic Laser, seeing its success dwindle as City Championships went on, and falling further at week 1, with only one player making Day 2 with a Pyroar deck. With an influx of new Mega Pokemon into the meta game, that should push in the final nail in Pyroar’s coffin” (TheCharizardLounge).

This is what we considered about this time last year. And then we get sides wiped wit it comming in 2nd at US Nats. If a deck has done well in the past, it may come back and bite you.

Pyroar is just a gamble, not a fail. Sometimes, you call it at a tournemant and you botch it, and sometimes you call it, and you get 2nd at nats! I’m looking at you Micheal Pramawat. It’s just a gamble.

I would call it something more than a gamble. Me gambling with Pyroar is one thing. Pram gambling on Pyroar is on an entirely different plane. It’s worth saying: the decks don’t play themselves. There are human beings piloting these decks. Some humans are better than others.

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Absolutely, I’m just saying that if you go to a tournament with pyro at and your looking around the table and the majority of the decks are VG, you gambled and won, otherwise…:dizzy_face:


The tourny Im going to I know that everybody is play big ex pokemon with no thought about getting around ex blockers. Also I have a feeling that I wont see a single Garbador and only one person will be playing a mega manetric/virizion build last i checked. Lotsa plasma decks floating around and Landorus ex. PLus the odd yvetell/hardcharm. Does this sound like favourable conditions for Pyroar?


Is there such a thing as a quad pyraor deck

I would love to see pyroar continue to be a threat at tournaments, as I’ve made more cuts and had more success with it than any other deck, but I just can’t see it succeeding in the PRC format. If you look at the popular decks so far, you see Flareon/Empoleon (bleaugh,) Landorus/Bats (not great,) Groudon (not fun,) Toad/Garb (not awful but not good either, you have to run pretty hot,) M-Gardy (ouch,) Metal (pretty rough if they play aggron,) Yveltal (strong, but if they run lasers and a trump card it’s bad for you,) and night march (very good)
In my opinion, Pyroar’s best attribute was how it could autowin some matchups, letting you glide through Swiss rounds easier in unprepared metas. With VG on the decline and many decks that can easily deal with Pyroar becoming more popular, I just can’t see it doing well in the next format.

That sounds like a breeding ground for the lions. The best conditions is Basics> Megas, Evos. Just be careful of the plasma decks, because they’ll have some counter to you (Frozen City, Laser/Bank, Glaceon) Which you can get over. Same with Lando. (Snipe damage, Bats) which is more of a problem.

I haven’t heard of a Quad-Pyroar, but I’m sure there’s a variant like that.

Despite Pyroar being “dead” due to all the new Mega’s and strong non-EX decks at the moment, what cards from Primal Clash do you think benefit a Pyroar deck?

Most ran a 4 - 3/1 Pyroar line with a Charizard EX. What about the new fire support in Primal Clash like the stadium, Camerupt EX etc?

Maybe even the Archies type cards that put up a stage 2 as Pyroar can easily run a speedy and discard heavy trainer line (Acro bikes etc) to make it your last card.

Any ideas on what a current solid Pyroar list would look like?

I think this would be solid, if you can begin with Litleo, which I pushed for in this deck. Anywho, here it is:


4 Litleo (FLF 19)
4 Pyroar (FLF 20)
1 Mewtwo EX


4 Professor Sycamore
4 N
3 Lysandre
3 Blacksmith
1 Lysandre’s Trump Card

4 VS Seeker
4 Head Ringer
3 Ultra Ball
3 Muscle Band
3 Firey Torch
2 Enhanced Hammer
1 Professors Letter
1 Computer Search

3 Scorched Earth


8 Fire
4 Double Colorless

Any questions, please ask!

Why not Jamming Net?
Why not Repeat Ball?
Why not Silver Bangle? Or Silver Mirror?

Why aren’t there any Startling Megaphone or Xerosic? If Garbodor has a Tool attached, are you relying on using Lysandre + Muscle Band + Discarding a fire attached to Pyroar?
Or Random Receiver or Battle Compressor?

Is there no Spiritomb because VirGen is a good matchup and you’re not afraid of them using G Booster?

  1. Ringer is to stop the toad Donk, as well as many other things, so you have an additional turn (at least) to get a Pyroar into play.

  2. Repeat Ball didn’t find its way into this list. I just felt that UB is a better fit for the deck.

a) Bangle would be a nice addition, but a 2/1 cut won’t be good for anything.

b) Plasma decks aren’t really a threat anymore. None have gotten near the top tables all season, so mirror isn’t really needed.

  1. Point taken, will update in following list.

  2. I fail to see why Random Reciever or Battle Compressor would be in the deck at all. Please explain.

  3. Mostly because I want to start with Litleo, and lone (Insert tech here) starts.

Random Receiver to automatically get a supporter. It’s not the greatest, but it still gets you a supporter.
Battle compressor discards the unneeded cards from the deck, i.e. the 4 Head Ringer against Donphan (or something else that I can’t immediately think of). Or discarding the fire with Battle Compressor instead of using Fiery Torch.
Fair point for not using Random Receiver, but maybe adding 1-2 Battle Compressor?

Also, Battle Compressor + VS Seeker is any supporter in your deck or discard into your hand.

You don’t need 4 head ringers.
Fiery Torch is bad.
You don’t need to enhanced hammer anything.
Megaphone is good.
You don’t need 3 blacksmiths you have vs seekers.
Random receiver is bad.
Battle compressor is not needed.
And is virgen even good anymore? lol

  1. You’re right, 3 would suffice.
    2)EVERY deck runs Special Energy.
  2. Added in 2 Megaphone .
    4)Energy acceleration is good, and when discarding with Scorched Earth, you may want some.
  3. Dropped for Megaphone.
    8)Yeah, it is. It won the ECC, so it still has potential.

Why would pyroar need to get rid of special energy on anything but toad and you can’t even use enhanced under item lock. Removing a DCE off an yveltal is still going to do nothing. And I don’t think Virgen even made top 64 at the last regionals. I believe pyroar has potential, but do I think its good anymore? No. Same thing for virgen

Pyroar is still good for forcing and opponent to play around it, using the DCE’s and Blacksmith energy accel for big one hit KO’s on mega evolved pokemon with Camerupt-EX and also using Charizard-EX with muscle band for all the 170hp EX pokes.

I’m currently running it with Laser-Bank for that additional bit of damage where needed.

Late game Camerupt-EX with Blacksmith and the Pyroar that switches your opponents pokemon has netted me 4 prizes in 2 turns in a number of games.

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Hello guys, I am new in Pokemon TCG and I started with Pyroar/Charizard Deck, please help me to improve and get a solid deck.

Sometimes I miss Hypnotoxic Laser or a Grass Pokemon to counter Water Pokemon.

Pokemon (12):
1x Charizard Ex FLF
4x Litleo FLF
4x Pyroar FLF
2x Reshiram (Legendary Treasures)
1x Mewtwo EX

Trainer (36):
2x Bicycle
1x Dowsing Machine
1x Vs Seeker
2x Enhanced Hammer
1x Professor’s Letter
1x Startling Megaphone
2x Switch
4x Ultra Ball
4x Blacksmith
1x Tool Retriever
2x Colress
2x Lysandre
4x N
4x Professor Sycamore
3x Scorched Earth
3x Muscle Band

Energy (12):
8x Fire Energy
4x DCE Energy

Thanks! :smile:

Reorganized to
4 Professor Sycamore
4 N
4 Blacksmith
2 Lysandre
2 Colress

4 Ultra Ball
2 Switch
2 Enhanced Hammer
2 Bicycle
1 VS Seeker
1 Professor’s Letter
1 Tool Retriever
1 Dowsing Machine

3 Scorched Earth

3 Muscle Band

-2 Colress
+2 VS Seeker

-2 N
+1 Lysandre’s Trump Card
+1 Bicycle