Pyroar FLF Variants // BCR-on

Okay so here is the deck I use (it may look familiar…)

4 Litleo
4 Pyroar
1 Charizard-EX
1 Mewtwo-EX

Energy Cards
8 Fire Energy
4 Double Colorless Energy

Trainer Cards
4 Professor Juniper
2 N
3 Blacksmith
2 Lysandre
4 Ultra Ball
4 Pokémon Catcher
4 Switch
3 Bicycle
4 Roller Skates
3 Muscle Band
2 Battle City (Can’t afford Beach. Haha, but who can am I right?)
1 Computer Search
2 Level Ball

What changes should I make to prepare for regionals/the rotation?

Your formatting.

Ultra Ball for Level Ball. Training Center might be moderately helpful over Battle City?

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Haha yeah sorry I tried to originally post this from my ipad and the formatting got all weird but it should be fixed now.
Edit: I’m already running 4 ultra ball. Training center sounds good actually. I was thinking level balls out for fiery torch or evosoda.

Ah, yeah, didn’t even see the Ultra Ball in there!

I’m generally not a fan of Evosoda and Fiery Torch is just not a good card. I might just thicken some of your other trainer lines (N?) or go with Skyla as another out to Ultra Ball.

Wow. Did not remember/see I only ran two N. Noted.

here’s my list
1 charizard
1 mewtwo
4 Juiniper
2 Colress
1 Lysandre
3 Bicycle
2 Roller Skates
4 ultra ball
4 muscle band
4 fiery torch
1 sacred ash
1 computer search
3 switch
2 megaphone
2 catcher
8 fire energy

I don’t agree with a few of the things in your list. (With all due respect), I hate the inclusion of Colress because your main draw support from that would be coming from your opponent, dictating your draw power, as I doubt your bench is every full. I also don’t agree that you run Torch and no Blacksmith. You end up throwing away those valuable energy when you are already only running eight. I’d suggest more Skates for draw power too since Torch and Colress won’t cut it. I think 2 catcher is too thin for consistency and that megaphone is useless because any deck that runs garbodor will win in the long run anyway. Again, just my opinion and if you’ve tested it and it works for you, that’s fine. Just trying to help.

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oh sorry I forgot I run 3 blacksmith

Furious Fists brings a couple cards that might work with Pyroar. Training Center, Full Heal, Scoop Up, and even Jynx. If you wanted a deck that uses Pyroar as a tank we got more cards to do so.

I don’t find Megaphone useless. Sometimes your opponent can’t get a tool up right away, sometimes its a late game N that stops them from getting another tool. Megaphone could knock the tools off your opponents non-garbodor decks that would have otherwise aided in a KO.

for me I wouldn’t use scoop up because the turn you scoop up next turn they might catcher and ko
full heal and training center to me personally would make it less consistent

But the thing is usually Pyroar doesn’t win games quickly. It takes its time locking its opponent to where they can’t attack or do enough damage. If they run garbodor you have lysandre and catcher too to just KO it instead of using megaphone

No training center, it will just make garbodor a harder matchup


Im trying to create a pyroar deck based around killing garbodors and other stage 1’s to stream pyroar.list:

4-3 pyroar
2 mewtwo ex
1 charizard ex

4 juniper
3 N
3 shauna
3 blacksmith
4 lysandrre

3 pokemon catcher
4 ultra ball
3 bike
4 rollar skates
3 switch
3 muscle band
1 dowsing machine

9 fire energy

Any help on giving deck more consistency or power would be awesome

If you’re going for speed, the first thing I’d recommend is Computer Search over Dowsing Machine. 4-4 Pyroar is a must, take out a Mewtwo for the last Pyroar because when you run 3 EX’s you allow your opponent to Lysandre and kill all three to take six prizes. If you only run 2, then you will always force your opponent to go through 1-2 Pyroar depending on if they picked off Littleos in the early game or not

1rst problem would be supporter overload. Most decks max out at around 15. Id say cut a Lysandre and a fire energy (blacksmith will be recycling them) to add a stadium. Personal choice if you want a a good set of matchups would probably be mountain ring. It’ll reduce and block ridiculous laser damage.

EXs shouldn’t be an issue. They shouldn’t even see play unless you are forced to start with them, or you end up playing against a deck like Empoleon. Your opponent can’t KO what you don’t bench.

I agree with everything else though. 4-4 Pyroar is a must and Computer Search is loads better than Dowsing Machine.

You very well may want 3 big EX Pokemon for the Empoleon match-up. I have ripped Emploeon to shreds with a Charizard by just Lysandre-ing out Piplups and KOing them before they become Empoleons.

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I highly recommend this list for a “Speed” Pyroar

Pokemon: 11

4-4 Pyroar
2 Charizard EX Combustion Blast
1 Mewtwo EX

Trainers: 37

4 Blacksmith
4 Lysandre

4 Bicycle
4 Roller Skates
4 Fiery Torch (can be swapped for draw supporters)
4 Ultra Ball
4 Muscle Band
3 Switch
2 Prof Letter
1 Escape rope
1 Sacred Ash
1 Pal Pad
1 Computer Search ACE SPEC

Energy: 12

8 Fire

Yes, I know. No draw supporters. Don’t knock it until you try it.


Thanks, the list seems interesting :slight_smile:

What do you do when you hit a seismitoad ex and can’t use items with that list?


You just kill garb and stall until you topdeck stuff