Pyroar FLF, Archeops DEX // NXD-on


Hey guys, i just created this deck a few days ago and ive been testing it. i was wondering if any of you guys think i should change the deck list at all. if you think there is something that should be changed pleeeease tell me! thanks!

Pyroar / Archeops


3 pyroar
3 litleo
3 archeops
3 archen
1 mewtwo
1 jirachi
1 drudigon
1 virision


1 comp. search
2 twist mountain
2 plume fossil
4 pokemon catcher
2 muscle band
1 super rod
4 roller skate;s]
1 level ball
3 ultra ball
3 evo soda

4 juniper
1 lysander
4 N
1 shuana
1 colress


4 blend (g,d,f,p)
4 dce
2 fire


any help would be greatly apreciated


Please don’t bump your thread. People can choose to post or not, and a thread’s postion on the board reflects that popularity (which is the whole point).

Personally, I wouldn’t bother with Twist Mountain - it’s unreliable and will get kicked a lot. More Plume Fossil and max out Ultra Ball.


thanks so much for the help! also, i am very sorry for my actions on choosing to bump my thread i dont go on this website very often (by that i mean like… once every month or more) so i didnt really know the rules for this website. im very sorry. ill try not to let that happen again.


Starting on September 3, NXD-ON is changing to BCR-ON and BW-ON.
While this deck is good for BW-ON it won’t be better than others (coughrayeelscough).

The reason I bring this up is that Archeops is lost in BCR-ON, so by the time you build the deck it will probly not be the deck you want to play.