PTCGO Trade Advice & Value Speculation!


Sorry - thanks for reminding me. It hit last night at 18 AOR / 18 BKT / 3 BPT.


Wow. wonder where it will land after it’s been out for a while.


How many packs does Jirachi XY 67 cost right now? I saw a trade offer for 90 packs? Is that right or is it more?



Where does someone get the code necessary to get Jirachi xy67 on PTCGO? Or is the only way to get one by trading? But they had to originate somewhere yeah?


They originated from the in-game gem store which was accessible from nowhere but Canada.


Could get in America with tokens for the typical 3 week shop shelf life when BKT dropped.


In Canada; Can’t get them in the store.


Post corrected. Thanks for the information.


I need help! How I can fix my trade permissions? [quote=“Ivysaurman, post:1, topic:1241, full:true”]

This thread is to talk about the shoddiness of the PTCGO trading thingy. Because of the values being different from real life, here is a good place to ask about whether or not a trade is reasonable. If you have a question about a certain card - ask away!

Have any questions, or want to run a trade by us? Ask away!

NOTE: This is NOT a PTCGO trading thread, it is a place simply to verify planned trades and discuss card values.


You can fix them in your Pokemon TCG Online Settings as long as your account is an independent one. If not, you may need to request the creator of your account (possibly your parents) to fix them for you.


Where is this app located?


how many packs is a diancie ex (fates collide) worth ?



thanks !! and how many packs would a xerneas break be?


For most popular cards, you can get a rough idea of their values conveniently by finding their highest buying prices and lowest selling prices in Public Offers:

The highest buying price and the lowest selling price of Xerneas BREAK, as shown in the screenshots above, are 3 EVO packs and 5 EVO packs respectively. The value of the card lies somewhere between those prices.


I know this hasn’t been used in a while but I share an acc with a friend and need some help. Haven’t talked bout this with him yet but plan on it

So ultra prism drop means we need LOTS of burnable stuff to get what we need. Only problem is: we don’t have ultra prism or guardian rising packs. We do have three full art lele and one SR vs seeker and I state these because I’m looking to downgrade them for packs and the less rare version on the public trade area. My question is:
SR vs seeker = Regular vs seeker + how many packs??
FA lele = RA lele + how many packs??

Additionally, what is a reasonable price for glaceons on ptcgo rn? In terms of Ultra prism packs?


As of now, OU7C4ST’s PTCGO Card Value Guide provides easily-accesible zoom tables where you can conveniently look up the values of cards like Tapu Lele-GX and VS Seeker of different rarities.

Glaceon-GX is a newly-released card, so its value is unstable and will most likely be dropping in the near future. You may consider trying out the method I have provided earlier to get its up-to-date prices online.

However, there is currently a glitch on PTCGO regarding the interaction between Glaceon-GX and Eevee with the Energy Evolution Ability. If you have yet to buy any copies of Glaceon-GX, I highly recommend holding on to your GRI packs while the glitch is being fixed.


Any reason why? Other than 20 characters?


Because it takes time for programmers to fix the glitch, during which Glaceon-GX will lose its value just like any other card from a newly-released expansion due to increasing supply.