PTCGO Trade Advice & Value Speculation!


You might check to see if you can track down some other 6 Prize members online. If you’re lucky, some of us might have some spares to help you out. Like I said, we don’t set-up trades here, but @Adam pointed out we could put our PTCGO screen name on our board bios (as opposed to requiring him to do something needlessly complicated XD).


I’m trying to do my first trade because I finally got trade-able packs from a tournament. The only 2 ways I know to trade, are through the Top Cut thread, or the reddit weekly thread. The Top Cut thread looks great, but I read it wasn’t great value and you are paying about twice as much. However, I don’t really know what to ask for on the reddit thread.

I have 1 roaring skies pack, 1 boundaries crossed pack, and two tournament chests to trade.

I’m looking to get more Primal Clash cards because I want to try complete that set.
With Top Cut I was planning to trade what I have for:
Sceptile (Ancient Trait)-1
Excadrill (Ancient Trait)-1
Kingdra (Ancient Trait)-1

There are still a few uncommons that I don’t have yet but I figured I wouldn’t trade my packs for those.
What could I ask for?


That’s because trading groups are like card shops in real life; you’re paying more than you would by posting a public trade and waiting for someone to go for it. No clue about the reddit thread, but most of the time I just use the Top Cut like a price guide, look at what they are asking and then post a public trade (you know how to do that, right?), sit back and wait. Just do 8 hour trades. If no one goes for it, debate whether you should give them more time or whether you should up the offer.

Nothing you want looks too rare, so I’d just go with that approach, especially as you’re just looking for stuff for collecting and as such are offering boosters (from what set?) for three cards that aren’t in too high of demand.


Honestly you could probably get all 3 cards by just offering a single pack on public


True Xabalanque but you may have to wait a while - less because of low balling and more for someone with a spare of each to go looking for trades… If Top Cut wants a single “generic” booster for them then you can probably get them each for half a pack, so all three for two 1:1 boosters is probably an easy deal.


Thanks so much to both of you for your advice.

I’ll go into public trades with more confidence now! I just won a couple more boosters so I might try get a couple of Ex cards instead, or just more rares. Rule of thumb I’ll just offer slightly less than Top Cut prices in a public trade then.



Actually you can pretty safely offer half value as a rule of thumb. There will be many times where that won’t work and you’ll catch on quickly, but in general that is a good place to start (and when it doesn’t work, add a booster and try again). When you’re more skilled you’ll have a better idea when something is way overpriced or only slightly above the going rate, but for now, “half” is a good starting point.


Don’t spend coins on boosters/theme decks. It’s much better to use them for tournaments and trading. Just my two cents.


You can trade coins? I never knew that. How do you do it?


You can’t trade coins, but you must use them to set up public offers. If you ever plan on making a lot of public offers on a regular basis a coin reserve will be needed.


Does anyone know the online market values of Regirock XY49 and Ditto XY40 at present?


I don’t know since I don’t do much trading on PTCGO anymore since I have most of what I need now, but I do know that their values are quite high (several dozens of packs in value I believe) partly because of the difficulty in getting them and the bigger traders I used to be familiar with knew this and try and collect/hoard them.


Thanks for the information. I brought one Regirock several months ago for around 70 packs but never managed to acquire a second copy for the same price (or even higher), so I am particularly interested in whether its value has already skyrocketed, especially considering that Jirachi XY67 is coming.


Looking to get back into playing on PTCGO and need Shaymin (plus a lot of other stuff as last played with PHF). Can trade a FA N but would like to check prices before putting it up for trade. Anyone able to help?


Go to, click login, login w/ your credentials, click ingame item exchange, and you’ll find the various ratios.


The Polellector App is quite helpful. It has all the cards from the English and Japanese sets, and the search engine compares prices from 3 or 4 of the top selling sites.


Umm… is Jolteon EX really worth north of 30 packs right now?


It is worth around that much. Hopefully the following compilation of my recent transaction records helps explain that:


I have 16 AOR, 16 BKT, and 3 BPT for 1 Jolteon. It’s been up for two hrs. I will let you know where it ends…


Interested to hear how this turned out.