PTCGO Trade Advice & Value Speculation!


Yes, and I was referring to real money as well.


Uggh I can’t get onto the forums.


Are you logged into the forums? Most of it isn’t accessible unless you’re logged in to the website (not the PTCGO itself).

If that was obvious… sorry. I wonder what’s wrong; I just went and was able to log in and view stuff.


It says that I don’t have permission to view the Forums.


Just throwing it out at there that it doesn’t let me access it either.


Okay, let me just make it more official like by asking a few questions. Sorry if these are obvious but as I’ve been that guy that has called tech support and actually realized I missed something on the list of such questions for other matters… I like being thorough.

So to be clear, it is this forum that you cannot access, correct? When you try do you get the message:

Sorry, we couldn’t find that!

You do not have permission to view this forum.

Just so you know, that is the message it gives me *before I click “Sign In” and enter my PTCGO screen name and password. You have to enter it for the website specifically; even if you are logged into the PTCGO while doing this, the official PTCGO forums will not “know” you until you Sign In on the website itself.

Okay, got that all out of the way?

How are you trying to access it? Can you see the forums at all? I mean if you click the above links I just gave will they not work at all?

I’m on a desktop PC running on Windows 8 and using Google Chrome at the moment; I haven’t had a chance to switch to something else. I tried again and I am still able to get to the website, sign in and view those forums.


I’m using chrome on windows 7 (desktop PC). I can log in, but whenever I try to click on any sub forum besides the top 3 ones w/ news and whatnot (which I can access), it give the “You do not have permission to view this forum” message.


Yeah I can see them. I am logged into both, but when I click it says


Are you staying logged in? Otherwise its time to e-mail their tech support. Unless both of you are on Windows 7. Have either of you tried alternate browsers? Cleaned out your history before retrying? Sorry guys, the bad news is if it isn’t simple, I can’t help. =/


@Ivysaurman / @Darksripe2: I know it sounds obvious, but might it be an issue with cookies? Does your browser keep cookies?


Sounds like it’s an issue with the permissions on your account.


@Ivysaurman @Darksripe2
Kind of would like to know how this turned out. ^^’


@graywh fixed it, forgot to thank him!
EDIT: Thank you!


I have a little bit over a Roaring Skies booster box worth of codes. What should I do with them considering I’m just starting out?


Trade for staples first, then build a cheap deck, ie Nmarch, play a bunch of games, profit?


And what about the tokens I win?


What Darksripe2 said but use this thread as a price guide. Note that you have to be signed in to see the thread at all (at least I get an error message when not signed in). The numbers you see are how many boosters those people are asking for in exchange for a particular card.

  1. Not all booster packs are equal! Before the posts that list how many boosters are wanted for each card, there is a list of how each booster compares to a “generic booster” (they may not use that exact term). For example, right now XY: Roaring Skies has a 1:1 trade ratio, meaning if a card lists it cost as 5 booster packs, each XY: Roaring Skies booster counts as one booster for that trade. Really easy to obtain, low demand boosters require more; XY: Flashfire boosters aren’t in demand so they have a 2:1 ratio, meaning that same 5 booster pack card would require 10 boosters… and that assumes they will accept such boosters at all (notes are in the thread).

  2. You should not be trading with Top Cut unless you’re desperate or plan on buying boxes all the time. They are pricey because you are paying for convenience. Look at how much they are asking; if someone wants that much or more for a trade, they are asking too much. If you go to post your own public trade, you can start at like half as much for a lot of cards. That is a rule of thumb though; the trick is to pay attention and try going up and down a little to see where demand versus supply really meet, and to remember sometimes you get lucky and someone wants packs now or wants a card now so they’ll take a loss.

More details are in this thread; it is a lot of posts, but get reading. I’ve traded for three regular art Shaymin-EX and while Top Cut is asking 15, I think I’ve gotten all three of mine for 10. Note: When I first started asking for them, they were going for 18 (yeah, even the regular art) and I posted a listing for 9 Roaring Skies boosters, which was ignored. Jumped it up to 10 the next day, got a hit. Tried dropping it again and got ignored. Went back to 10, took me about a week but I got two more. :smile:

So even though a lot of cards will be listed on Top Cut for a booster, you can probably get a full playset for a Roaring Skies booster if you are patient. When I am in a hurry though, I have used Top Cut and their customer service is good. :wink:


I recommend saving those up for the store (not that you can spend them elsewhere). I like to get Theme Decks: when you first get a theme deck you can take it through the single player mode to get a “free” booster (just takes 12 wins). While you don’t have to do it right away, I don’t think you can buy multiples of the same deck and still pull that trick off (you can buy multiples of a deck, sometimes useful when it has certain cards in it).

Make sure you take the free theme decks they provide and finish the single player mode for some goodies (trade locked boosters, tokens and a few card unlocks as well, I think). I like having more options for Theme Deck mode, but that is less critical if you can assemble a real deck ASAP. EDIT: Also note that while some items will stick around the store for a long time, others are short time offers! If you can keep a few thousand tokens on hand at all times, it is pretty nice. Even things like Theme Decks and boosters eventually disappear.

After that, each weak they will (eventually) put something less common and pricey in the online store. There is a Gift Set called “Ancient Powers”, for example, that will be going up as soon as a glitch is fixed. It’ll give you what the IRL version would have, but of course for the PTCGO. Really pricey though; probably 900-1000 tokens.

Other than that, just buy what you want; boosters means you might pull something instead of having to trade for it (and if you get something you traded for after-the-fact then you can still trade the non-locked version away), or you can get stuff you like (they have virtual sleeves and deck boxes) or stuff for your avatar.


I didn’t see the night marchers under the price values. Are they just not worth much?

I appreciate the help by the way. I probably couldn’t have figured this all out by myself.


They’re probably included under bulk Commons and Uncommons. You could probably go for a playset of each Night Marcher for a pack each.