PTCGO Trade Advice & Value Speculation!


Agreed, that’s where I got these estimates, the the TTC2 company.


Well, i managed to pull a sharpedo - EX from a five card pack… so they are at least half decent?


What do you mean by comapny?


Look on the forums in the “In-game item exchange” It has 3 trading companies:

Violet-City trading

The Top Cut 2

The Superior Source 4 cards

They all offer cards, and have pack-exchange rates. They garentee the cards, but could be more expensive than public.


So I need a lot of packs just for a playset of certain cards?


Yeah, pretty much. Check out the price conversions before the trade though. (E.x. Boundaries Crossed isn’t worth as much as Primal Clash)


Hey guys I’m looking for a few cards I have packs for trade if anyone is interested. I need 1x Mewtwo ex, 3x Max potion and 3x shadow circle. I need these cards to get use to and play test my deck just before championships on the 21st of this month.


The very first post on this thread:

NOTE: This is NOT a PTCGO trading thread, it is a place simply to verify planned trades and discuss card values.


Yeah, sorry about that: I directed @Will here for help but it looks like I didn’t make it clear what kind of help. >_<

Though @Ivysaurman don’t sell short the other advice in this thread; its a good place not just for checking values but learning how to make good trades in general.


Hey guys what do you think the value of max potion non secret rare is, not in terms of packs but holos and Exs
Also do you think it would be easier to get 4 if I asked for 4 together or did a trade for each separately


You can’t really value cards in terms of Ultra Rares, since their values differ depending on the ultra rare. As for getting 4, since more people are likely to have one that they’re willing to trade as opposed to four, I’d say your best bet would be to ask for them separately.


I have a full art N, some people are offering 60 primal clash packs, is that worth it? Can I go and trade those to one of those trading companies then after?


Let us take a look at how much the Trading Companies are asking for people who want their copies of said card:

Top Cut wants 63 boosters and it has an asterisk by the cost, so they won’t accept the more common boosters. Their current trade ratios for boosters looks like this:

0.1:1 Packs: HeartGold & SoulSilver, Unleashed, Undaunted, Triumphant, Call of Legends
0.67:1 Packs: Black and White (Please note this discount may not apply to certain ‘’ rated cards)
0.8:1 Packs: Noble Victories (Please note this discount may not apply to certain '
’ rated cards)
1:1 Packs: Boundaries Crossed, Dark Explorers, Dragon Vault, Dewford League Bundle Pack, Mauville League Bundle Pack, Next Destinies, Plasma Freeze, Plasma Blast
1.25:1 Packs: Dragons Exalted, Plasma Storm, Rustboro League Bundle Pack, Primal Clash (Primal Clash packs are 1.5:1 for ‘*’ rated cards)
1.5:1 Packs: Furious Fists, Phantom Forces (These packs are not accepted for ‘’ rated cards)
2:1 Packs: Emerging Powers, Flashfire, Legendary Treasures, XY (These packs are not accepted for '
’ rated cards with the exception of Emerging Powers)

So if whoever made you that offer instead had to trade their Primal Clash boosters to Top Cut, they would need to up the offer to (63 * 1.5=) 94.5 boosters!

I was gonna check other places, but that is a pretty big difference and Top Cut hasn’t ever struck me as being that far off. As such, I’d hold out for at least a little bit higher of an offer. You aren’t going to be able to ask as much as Top Cut but unless I blew my math you can probably hold out for another 10 or even 20 packs and have the other party walking away happy.

Anyone else want to weigh in? I’m honestly still learning this myself. ^^’ I know if I were someone trying to find a good deal, I would be only offering 50 or so Primal Clash boosters and slowly raising until I got to the 70 or 80 booster pack range… but that might not be right either. @hypnotoxic probably could give a better answer.


Those ratings for packs are mildly confusing
Flashfire is worth 2:1 but prc is only 1.25:1? Seems kinda off…


Not really, flash fire doesn’t really have much to make it that good. Primal Clash is still new, and has allot of good stuff. The prices are fair.


That is because you’re reading it backwards (took me a while to get it right as well):

The ratios are what you multiply the prices by.

So if a N (Full Art) is worth 63 “generic” booster packs and you want to pay with something that isn’t listed in the 1:1 trade ratio, you multiply the asking price by the first number. So if you are paying using boosters with a 0.1:1 trade ratio (HeartGold & SoulSilver, Unleashed, Undaunted, Triumphant, Call of Legends), you multiple the asking price of 63 by 0.1 meaning you can trade for a N (Full Art) for just 6.3 (they’ll probably round down) boosters of say HeartGold & SoulSilver. That is because those older packs are from the very beginning of the PTCGO and as such tend to be more difficult to find in stores as well. They have some useful for cards the PTCGO version of Unlimited as well.

2:1 trade ratio packs (Emerging Powers, Flashfire, Legendary Treasures, XY (These packs are not accepted for ‘[asterisk]’ rated cards with the exception of Emerging Powers) ) are incredibly common and/or in low demand. I think you can still buy 10 card Legendary Treasures boosters with tokens in the online store while others are only the 5 card version (for example), plus while that set has some good card, the pull ratios means most people just won’t bother with that booster. So buying a N (Full Art) with these isn’t even allowed because the boosters are so easy to amass and the trading companies would quickly run out of cards people wanted if they accepted them.

Primal Clash is recent and has some great cards, but now that we have regular tournaments where its a Prize, the price is plummeting. As such it has already dropped from the 1:1 to the 1.25 to one trade ratio. The area where I get a bit confused is does the note about it mean that they are now so common they aren’t accepted in trade at all for the high demand stuff (prices that have an asterisk behind them) or if they are but at that 1.5:1 trade ratio. The reason for the confusion is because 1.5:1 trade ratio boosters are usually common enough they won’t take them in trade.


I learned this the hard way - when I first got started in PTCGO last fall, I read the ratio backwards as well! So I bought 100 Legendary Treasures boosters and wondered why no one would trade with me! HA!


What’s everyone thinking about buying cards directly, rather than buying packs and trade for them? I can’t understand why is it illegal… you can buy cards IRL right?


Who said it’s illegal? Buying in game items or cards from players is against PTCGO’s ToS and would result in a permanent ban (for the seller and buyer) most likely. However, I don’t see why PTCGO couldn’t offer cards as in game purchases if they wanted to. It may not fit their business model (which I’m not sure PTCGO has figured out) but there are no laws against it to my knowledge.


Ι meant buying for real money