PTCGO Trade Advice & Value Speculation!


How many packs is a Secret Rare Rayquaza worth, and how many is a DRX Rayquaza EX worth?
Someone posted a trade giving a Virizion EX normal art for another sinmilar secret rare (in terms of use), so I looked for packs for Virizion, and I got 20. An Yveltal EX is worth 5 packs, so I used that for Rayquaza-EX


Anyone have thoughts on how much one should be willing to trade for Tropical Beach at this time? Long tournament tonight and I am doing alright… outside chance I might amass enough FLF boosters. :wink:


40 Boosters should land you a Beach.


Lol… I am currently at 39… almost all Flashfire. I will have to honestly consider it then. My Darkness-Type deck needs a Darkrai-EX and a Yveltal-EX, I could use a Mewtwo-EX, etc. so its tempting to save Beach for later… but Extended might keep even PTCGO prices up (especially if Extended becomes an official PTCGO format).

Hmm… maybe I should wait after all.


Is PTCGO down for anyone else?


So… trying to liven this up again:

The PTCGO Shop feature has run out of a LOT of boosters, and from more experienced players, it sounds like once they are gone, they are gone. Demand for XY: Flashfire has finally cooled since it is one of the boosters still available. BW: Plasma Blast may be the most in demand of the Modified Legal Boosters, owing to Virizion-EX being perhaps the most in demand Pokémon-EX to never have a tin release.

So if we treat FLF boosters as having a value of “1”, then PLB boosters have a value of “2”. XY seems to vary a bit; I’d peg it as “1.5” but it will be 1 or 2 depending on who you’re dealing with (and I am not certain I am just looking at the wrong people and it is a concrete 1 or 2). BCR through PLF all are solid “1s”, where as before they varied quite a bit.

I am pretty sure I am off (I know that I oversimplified BCR through PLF) so please let me know for those that do know. Oh, and while store bought cards are trade locked, obviously if you already had a trade-legal version, getting a locked version frees it up. As such some of the Theme decks are probably worth watching (maybe even buying) even if you don’t do Theme deck matches/already have a copy. The “half packs” are probably going to run out sooner or later; odds for a good pull seem worse but if you’ve got Tokens to invest… yeah.


I am also wondering if we don’t need a “true” trade thread for the PTCGO; the official trade interface is better than nothing, but it leaves a lot to be desired. Once again I am looking for some cards that - as far as I know - have nearly no competitive value, and only have collector value because they are (normal) Rare Cards from NEX.

Unfortunately I’ve got no way of expressing this as an “open for offers” trade, save being one of the many stating such in the ever shifting collective chatroom built into the program. I’ve actually had two inquiries about the cards and one person that rejected my primary offer but sent a counter offer, but most are holding out for either boosters in excess of the card’s value or want specifics I don’t have. =/ S’kind of frustrating given that even if my kooky deck idea works, its dead come September 3rd.


@Otaku It’s difficult, if not impossible, to be objective about pack ratios, but I’ll try my best. Due to holo basic energy, Call of Legends are by far the most valuable, worth a whopping 5 to 8 FLF packs depending on who you ask. Honestly, not that many people are willing to trade CL, so good luck if that’s your thing. I have seen other HGSS packs trade at a fairly high value as well, but I can’t be certain on their value at the moment. After that, Plasma Freeze is the next best, because SR Ultra Ball goes for 60+ packs. Next is Plasma Blast, probably for the reasons you stated. Emerging Powers and Legendary Treasures are by far the worst, commonly valued at 1/3 or 1/2 of a pack. XY is in low demand, but definitely worth more than LTR & EPO. Beyond that they’re all fairly even, although you can bet your bottom dollar Boundaries Crossed is going to be big due to FA Landorus EX. I have a soft spot for Dark Explorers as well.

The ZaftCo thread on the official Pokemon TCG forums (in the trading section) attempts to put a more precise value on pack conversion, but if you blindly follow those conversion rates you’ll get burned sooner or later. Follow your intuition, because you may see something coming before they update the conversion rates. For example, I am very confident that BCR will increase in value, if it hasn’t already. Their thread still lists BCR as equal value to packs such as Plasma Storm, which doesn’t seem right to me.

As for a trading thread on 6P, I find it to be extraneous. IMO posting your own public trades is by far the best way to get good deals, but takes the most patience. Lots of people check public trades every day, and it is a much more direct way of trading than trying to organize trades through the forums. I don’t even bother with private trades in game anymore. I find them to be too time consuming, and full of rude traders and serious lowballers.

If organizing trades on a forum is more intuitive for you check out Top Cut Inc. and ZaftCo on the official Pokemon TCG forums. Expect to pay the absolute highest fair price if you go through them. Alternatively, you could create your own trading thread on those forums. You would get a lot more traffic from traders than you would here.


@Ivysaurman Thanks, I’ll take whatever input I can get.

I don’t “get” the collector mentality. I mean I thought I did, but I just don’t because a lot of what you said was news to me. Looks like I’ve had more than a few “bad” trades I mistook for “good” because I didn’t know relative demand. I guess I’ll just have to learn patience or hope for a better “Public Trade” system.

Thanks for confirming my suspicions about the “trading companies”; I realize I shouldn’t expect them to be anything but “high end of fair” as they need to have some reason people would remain organized: a profit as it were, though in this case that includes certain intangibles and obviously is always in terms of packs or other cards. I mean, it takes time and effort to do what they do, so even as a “hobby” it needs to somehow be more rewarding than the effort put into it.

I had a kooky idea using Arcanine (NEX) and Ninetales (DRX) I wished to try, but can’t get the cards for it… at least not at a price I am willing to “pay”. I realize that Expanded means there will be an official secondary format that can still use them… but its still a secondary format, and especially Arcanine has (to my knowledge) seen no significant success in competitive play… and yet the “trade companies” still value it at half a booster. ¬_¬

Someone just told me about ZaftCo yesterday (not even 24 hours ago); the official forums are awkward. XD At least now that you explained why CoL is in such demand, I might finally understand their pack trade ratios… bringing me full circle to my difficulties understanding the collector mentality, even though I used to collect quite a few things (and gave it up because I finally realized it wasn’t making sense).


You could probably get 2 or 3 Arcanine NXD for 1 Flashfire pack if you create your own public offer. Ninetales DRX would be more like 1-2 packs each.

I’d like to point out a few more factors on the values of packs as well. HGSS packs, including CL, never came with code cards. The only way to get them online was via booster credits, which are now obsolete. It used to be that any code card unlocked 1 booster credit, which you could use to redeem any kind of pack that you wanted. The phasing out of these booster credits made it impossible to obtain these kinds of packs by any means other than trading. The demand is low for HGSS packs, only hardcore collectors seem to want them. However, the demand still exceeds the supply. Unless another means to redeem these packs is introduced, they will continue to appreciate in value, and hardcore collectors will continue to hoard them. Earlier BW packs face a similar dilemma, because the code supply is running thin.

These factors tend to support the idea that older packs are a good investment for the long term.


Again, thanks; these are factors that don’t quite work the same as real life. I mean, while the supply for [insert card] is always limited, its often not a huge deal for things that are old and neither especially rare nor especially potent. Debating whether or not I’ll even bother with the deck idea; it was a simple thing really; while not brilliant Arcanine did just enough damage for the Energy that I could try to take Advantage of the body and then, with the usual Laserbank combo, have Ninetales try to finish off whatever takes down Arcanine. Blacksmith probably isn’t enough to make it anything better than a “functional” deck (in terms of competitiveness), but I like putting the “fun” in “functional”. XD

If Ninetales still has that much residual value, I’ll probably have to just give up on it. I only ever pulled a single copy myself. I guess I could grind for tokens and try my luck on DRX packs; pulling even one more puts this into a more reasonable range.


How much is a Mega Lucario EX worth?


Go here and look under the card at the price tag. That’s e-Bay price.

($20 for the SR and $14.50 for the regular one.)


A couple packs. Not a lot of people want it.


Monetary values don’t translate well to PTCGO trade values (usually expressed in boosters of the latest set), so I don’t know how good of a guide that would be.

Long after this thread was created, I learned of these two threads on the official site:


The Top Cut Trading Inc.

They both list M Lucario-EX with a value of 3 boosters.

Note: As these two groups are considered reliable trade partners, the prices they set are based on a perceived average going price, but tend to become the ceiling for studious traders, since if you want as much or more for a trade… you just go to the big two.


will it be a good idea to stock up on mew ex in anticipation for dimensional valley stadium? it is trading for 1-2 booster packs atm, but should be much more playable next set. there does seem to be a high supply of them though.

i have 4 (one locked), and am pretty tempted to get a few more to use as trade bait.


If you’ve got your own play set covered, it all depends on how confident you are that Mew-EX will see a significant spike in demand and/or how skilled a trader you fancy yourself.

I have no plans on stocking up, but I am not a skilled trader. ^^’


Looking for a trade value for a full art N, a full art Colress, a full art Juniper and a SR Rare Candy in PHF, FUF or PLC packs. Having problems working out the ratios for the packs - anyone able to help?

Tidying up my binder of ultra rares so fair trade offers also welcome for them and other tagged items; same nick used on PTCGO if interested.

PS Sorry for necro’ing the thread but it’s easier to ask here.


In PHF, FFI and PCL (Respectively):

Colress: 21 FFI/PHF, 11.25 PCL

N: 102 FFI/PHF, 54.5 PCL

Juniper: 40.5 FFI/PHF, 21.5 PCL

Candy: 19.5 FFI/PHF, 10.5 PCL

You’re welcome!


Brilliant, thanks very much. :smile:

Is public trade the best way to trade them or is advertising that my binder is up better do you think? Not needed to much trading in PTCGO so not sure.

How do you acquire large amounts of cards on PTCGO?