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This thread is to talk about the shoddiness of the PTCGO trading thingy. Because of the values being different from real life, here is a good place to ask about whether or not a trade is reasonable. If you have a question about a certain card - ask away!

Have any questions, or want to run a trade by us? Ask away!

NOTE: This is NOT a PTCGO trading thread, it is a place simply to verify planned trades and discuss card values.

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General Discussion Have a chat!

How much are SR Ultra Balls worth? I have seen people offer Tropical Beach for two or three of them.


Could someone post the official pull rates for boosters? My Google Fu failed me and I couldn’t locate anything from the last five years. It really helps when feeling out trades. For example, regular Holo-Rares at least used to be a 1-in-3 kind of thing, so if all other things were equal, you could often three “Normal” Rares for a single Holo Rare. With information, I can get a rough idea of the odds of pulling anyone one card from a single booster. Note that I would like the pull rates for all rarities, not just the premium; as a new player “mass trades” to get badly needed staples/key cards is on my agenda.

A list of useful cards available from the starters might also be good (perhaps even worth an article): I already made an “iffy” (probably bad) trade because I was after the new Miltank and didn’t see it was in a recent Starter. ^^’


I would say around 18 booster packs.


For pull rates, here’s the norm’ right now:

Holo = 1/5 packs
Normal ultra Rare (non-fa) = ~1/9 Packs
Ultra Rare Full art = ~1/18 Packs
Secret Rare = 1/72 Packs


I’ve traded away a holo Zekrom for a Champion’s Festival twice actually, so I’m thinking that people don’t really like that card. It feels weird to have two cards on PTCGO that should be exclusive to Worlds’ competitors, to be honest.


Frankly I am glad they are more readily available in virtual form, but I disagree with having something that can actually affect play (so its not just a “special” version of a regularly available card, or something without any game relevant text) as a reward promo. “Tropical Beach” was going to happen eventually, even if they tried to make the cards “bad”.

Anyone have an idea of how popular M-Kangaskhan-EX is right now? I pulled a regular version and want to trade it, but so far the only people interested just want to trade me another EX or the like for it. While that is somewhat tempting, I’d rather get the many Uncommons and a few rares that I desperately need so that my decks are a bit more “real”.


I got 4 Champions Festival for 1 pack. They’re really low value because nobody plays them and you can get code cards for them from Worlds 2013 decks (1 code redeems 4 of them I believe.)

@Otaku M-Kangaskhan EX RA is worth about 3 - 4 packs. I would suggest offering it on public trade for 4 overnight and then using the packs to get the uncommons and rares you want. Good rares are worth between 1 and 2.5 packs most of the time (can be more if they’re new and hyped.) Most uncommon cards you can get 2 for 1 or better.

@OshaWaterBottle SR Ultra Ball is just through the roof. I can’t even believe it myself but they are trading for 60 packs. Tropical Beach is going for 45. The reason people are offering that trade is because not long ago, SR Ultra was trading at 20 packs (and they’re trying to take advantage of people who are unaware).



Wow… so a “playable” Mega is worth so little? Or are the pull ratios earlier in the thread way off? A card RARITY that is approximately 1-in-9 packs is only worth 3-4? I guess knowing that the next set contains a lot of Fighting Types and support could also keep its demand down…

Now, if I am going to trade for boosters, how is that going to help me? Is it just M-Kangaskhan-EX that is in high supply/low demand and if I get four boosters I should get more trading fodder (which based on my pulls, is unlikely =P) or am I just supposed to try my luck getting a booster for a set that contains what I am looking for (again, with my luck that seems a bit unlikely).

If someone else wants to help this confused Otaku, feel free to list cards with disproportionately high demands. To give you an idea, I’ve been trying to find trades for Enhanced Hammer, Rare Candy, Virbank City Gym, Super Rod, and Rainbow Energy (just to name a few).

Addendum I suppose I should be grateful that some of the “really rare” cards aren’t going for as much as I expected. I mean, I have zero Ace Spec cards: should I be trying for a Dowsing Machine or the like?


Values can be confusing when you take pull rates into account. The correlation between pull rate and value isn’t as direct as you think. Value is determined by supply and demand. Pull rates influence supply, but they will not be a primary factor of value.

I suggested trading the M-Kangaskhan for packs because packs are like currency on PTCGO. I almost never open packs because in general you will lose value. It will be way easier to get Enhanced Hammers, Virbank City Gyms, Super Rods, etc. if you are offering packs. Just about everybody wants packs, not as many are looking for M-Kangaskhan EX, so you are expanding your options this way.

Those cards you listed are pretty cheap as well. Most of those type of cards I can get 4 for 1 pack overnight on public trade (like Rare Candy, Rainbow Energy, Muscle Band, Float Stone, etc.), and some will be more like 2 for 1 pack (Virbank City Gym, Hypnotoxic Laser.)

I also want to clarify, not all packs are created equal. Legendary Treasures and Emerging Powers are some of the least desirable packs. Plasma Storm isn’t the greatest either but people will still accept them. Also, when a new set first comes out, the packs are often worth double until the hype dies down.


Can I please have pack values on Dark Patch/Yveltal EX/Darkrai EX?


We got some #PTCGOproblems, I just redeemed some Plasma Freeze codes and they read as Plasma Storm. Cool.




Thanks for straightening some things out. I was beginning to come to that same conclusion; the PTCGO has reminded me of what I love of this game… and one of the things I hate (boosters full of mostly useless cards in terms of play or trade). It is ancient history, but one of the things that WotC got right shortly before they lost the rights was they improved pulls; not only was it one rare card per booster, but they started having any more-than-Rare cards replace a Common and as the Reverse Holo at that time became its own “slot”, you could pull three Rare+ cards in a single booster.

Less commons usually meant less cards you couldn’t trade away, and ultimately proved beneficial as well. Anyway, enough reminiscing. I checked some IRL card prices and I am curious; how much are Ace Specs going for? Could I expect to trade my M-Kangaskhan straight up for one of the “good” Ace Specs? How about one of the “less” good ones? I’ve got no need for the really “bad” ones (which I consider to be most of the specific Pokémon ones), but if I get one now it won’t be a complete waste even if it gets cut by the next rotation, and unless its a very deep cut some of the “less good” ones (or “bad by comparison”, such as Master Ball) are likely to become good once they lose the competition.

Edit: Got a Dowsing Machine for it. Works for me. Still, more general advice would be great; I’ll be saving my boosters from the next tournament (here’s hoping it isn’t too far away) to try and trade them for the other staples I need.


@Otaku M-Kangaskhan EX for Dowsing Machine is a pretty even trade. Dowsing Machine is worth 3 packs so you only lost about a pack in value. I would have tried trading the Mega Kangaskhan for 4 packs on public. Assuming the trade completed I would then offer 2 packs for Dowsing Machine, and 2 packs for Computer Search. It takes a little more time and effort to do it that way (your offers will not complete 100% of the time) but you’ll end up with twice as many cards.

You mentioned “flipping” cards and packs before you edited your post and I would like to address that subject due to its reputation. Some people vehemently protest the idea of trading for gain, claiming it is unethical, deceitful, and greedy. Others find it to be perfectly acceptable. To them it is a hobby, a game, or even an exercise in economics. I tend to side with the latter, as long as the trade isn’t blatantly unfair (example 3 SR Ultra for 1 Beach), in which case I do find it immoral. Obviously people have different opinions on the value of a card. That discrepancy creates an opportunity for gain, and it would be naive to think that some people aren’t going to take advantage of that.

One thing the naysayers may not take into consideration is the amount of time it really takes to build a collection by trading. You can find booster codes on the net (Ebay, Reddit, various forum marketplaces) for 25-50 cents each. Anybody with 30 bucks (people who don’t probably should not play Pokemon TCG) can get 100 online booster codes and avoid the days worth of trading it would take to accumulate that. If you do not enjoy trading this should definitely be a consideration.

Darkrai EX Promo or LTR: 3 packs
Darkrai EX Regular Art: 5 packs
Darkrai EX Full Art: 30+ packs
Yveltal EX Promo: 3 packs
Yveltal EX Regular Art: 5 packs
Yveltal EX Full Art: 11-12 packs
Dark Patch: 1/2 to 1 pack
Dark Patch Reverse Holo: 2-3 packs



I cut out the bit about trying to build value because I thought it a bit extraneous; people that consider trading for gain need to justify their stance for me to take it seriously, as few people trade for anything but gain (and even then, won’t be trading for long). I have no qualms against charity (I consider it a virtue), but commerce is not a vice. There is a difference between making a fair profit and depriving people of their property by force or fraud. :thumbsup:

Thank you for letting me know I slightly undervalued M-Kangaskhan-EX in the trade I made, but it worked out in the end; there were online tournaments Saturday and my theme deck performance was so poor and frustrating I entered multiple Standard Format tournaments and actually took first place, winning 12 boosters, thanks in part to having Dowsing Machine in my deck. :smile: Of course, I might have been able to turn around a trade for four boosters fast enough to have gotten both Computer Search and Dowsing Machine, but what is, is and I am content.

Also… are you telling me I probably shouldn’t play the PTCGO? I don’t have $30 USD to spend on the game. >.>


On a somewhat separate note, if a player wishes to speculate on the approximate “heirarchy” for booster packs and relative values with respect to each other, I would very much like to know now that I actually have some boosters to with which to work. I still need so many staple and pseudo-staple/near-staple Uncommons, for example, that I can’t afford to make a lot of overly generous trades for them. :smile:


I don’t spend any money on the PTCGO specifically, and I have a fine amount of stuff. Here’s a really good strategy: Go to prereleases, and ask people for their code cards. I ended up getting nearly 80 codes in one prerelease with that strategy for essentially 30$, along with all of the cards, which I could sell if I wanted. That’s how I traded for 2 tropical beaches :wink:


@Otaku My point was if somebody doesn’t enjoy trading, they can spend a small amount of money and save a lot of time. Also, somebody who doesn’t have a spare 30 dollars should probably get back to work, so they can pay the bills and survive, instead of playing a children’s game.

I just run into so many people on PTCGO who expect everything to be free, and complain endlessly about how they don’t have any good cards. It’s exhausting.



So your answer to some random complaints I didn’t even catch as being a part of this thread is to insult random people and pretend you know about ever individuals circumstances. If you keep that up, people are going to think you’re a puppet account of mine. :wink:


Haha, what? I don’t mean to insult anybody. I just don’t think that there’s anything wrong with trading for profit, and I’m at the same time encouraging people who can afford to buy booster codes to do so.

EDIT: I can see how saying people who don’t have 30 dollars shouldn’t play Pokemon TCG could be insulting, but I certainly don’t mean it that way! There are times when I don’t have a spare 30 bucks (usually after travelling to a tournament) and the first thing I do is get back to work. I do think this game is rather expensive in general. IRL 30 bucks wouldn’t even buy the cards for a competitive deck.