PTCGO Tournament testing happening right now! (1/16/15-1/19/15)

Note: Same thread as before, but there is a test again this weekend; same parameters and ending time (well, this weekend’s dates versus last). Note that we don’t know how many of these there are going to be, so I encourage you to participate if you are at all interested in the PTCGO. :wink:

From the PTCGO forums

With the live release of the Tournaments feature on the horizon, we’re providing the community with the opportunity to participate in an extended test of this feature. The test will begin this Friday at noon PST and is scheduled to last 72 hours, concluding on Monday at noon PST.

Entry requirements and rewards for tournaments during this test will be configured to provide the closest possible experience to the live Tournaments feature. Some tournaments will have a Trainer Token entry requirement, and others will require Tournament Tickets to enter. You can redeem Trainer Tokens to participate in a tournament that rewards top finishers with Tournament Tickets, or compete in a tournament with a Tournament Ticket entry requirement for a shot at earning digital booster packs. No matter the entry requirement, every competitor receives Trainer Tokens just for participating!

Daily Login Rewards, the Bonus Wheel, and the introduction of tournaments with a Trainer Token entry requirement aren’t the only opportunity for players to restock their supply of Tournament Tickets. Players can purchase Tournament Ticket bundles at (or via in-app purchase for iPad users) throughout the extended Tournaments test. These Tournament Tickets work exactly like the ones earned in the game, and all Tournament Tickets that haven’t been redeemed by the end of the test will carry over to the launch of the Tournaments feature!

While we expect this test to run the full, planned duration without incident, periodic interruptions to tournament availability or an early end to the test session may occur due to unforeseen circumstances. As always, players who encounter bugs are encouraged to report them to the Pokémon TCG Online staff via the Pokémon Support Portal or the official Pokémon TCG Online forums.

We look forward to seeing you in the game this weekend!

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Results thus far:
1x 1st Place
2x 2nd Place
1x 8th Place
Deck: Yv/Hard Charm
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Just a note that they are doing another testing weekend again now; again it is running noon, Friday (today) to noon, Monday PST. Last time they did testing like this it happened somewhat regularly for a few months but then stopped, so I would take advantage of it while one can. :smile: