PTCGO Tournament @Cobalt314 wins!


Any updates? @Darksripe2 @Rakkis157 @ccloughley @Rippin?


Me and @Rakkis157 are working out a time.


@Rakkis157: 2
@Darksripe2: 1

Had a really tough time against his deck, with Lasers stopping me from getting my Revenges off. I consider myself lucky to get 4 Altaria set up in game 3 for a Druddigon Dragon Claw sweep. Great games.


Deadline will be tomorrow at 8:00 PM PST.



I lost to Bubber actually. My score for round 4 is 1-2 instead of 2-1. I didn’t notice it myself until @Darksripe2 told me.


Oh, oops, I’ll edit that.


Looks like there’ll be a tie for the last 1-2 spots in Top Cut, depending on the results of Osha’s and Gelato’s match. How will we break the tie?


Challonge will decide, it’ll depend on resistance I’m pretty sure.


Well, if it is resistance, I have a shot.


Is my match going to be an issue if we don’t get it done? It’s not like either of us have a good chance to go to the top 4.


If I beat @Gelato, two 2-2’s will make it in. All depends on Challonge from then on.
It happened, won 2-1. The game I lost was when I disconnected on like the 2nd turn though.
EDIT: #2
Apparently @Ccloughley got suspended, so you get the win. Pairings will go up soon.


Final standings before Top Cut:

  1. @OshaWaterBottle (4-0)
  2. @Cobalt314 (3-1)
  3. @Gelato (2-2)
  4. @Rakkis157 (2-2)
  5. @Bubber305 (2-2)
  6. @Darksripe2 (2-2)
  7. @Rippin (2-2)
  8. @desufnoc (1-3)

Top Cut Pairings:

  1. @OshaWaterBottle VS @Rakkis157
  2. @Cobalt314 VS @Gelato

Good luck and thanks for playing for the people who didn’t make Top Cut!


I start 2-0 and end up missing…The story of my life.


Ugh… Up against Osha again…

This won’t be pretty.


Won against @Gelato 2-0. I guess that puts me in the finals?


Annnddd none of what I just deleted has to do with the Tournament at hand, folks.


2-1 in a VERY close series versus @Rakkis157, but my last effort of using Burrow to try to deck him out worked. Well, the run has been good, but pretty sure I am going to get destroyed versus @Cobalt314 in the Finals. Time will tell, though.


Osha is a bloody good player. One misplay on my end, and a game where I had an overwhelming advantage turned into a loss. It was nice playing with you, mate. Learnt a lot.

@OshaWaterBottle: 2
@Rakkis157: 1

Edit: Now that this is over, Imma make a thread for my deck.


Uhhh, have to say sorry everyone on not being able to record the past few games. Past few matches I’ve had to play at night sorta late and my internet has been shakey recently. I will try my best to record the Finals however.


I’m fine with that, though it would be a shame due to the match up and all.

Could I get an answer on my PM to you before you logged out? If you saw it that is.