PTCGO Tournament @Cobalt314 wins!


Is he going to get Auto loss for inactivity in 15 seconds :smirk::smirk::smirk:


8 PM PST, sorry about that. I’m going to give @rippin the win unless @wrags23 responds within 2 hours. That’s what seems most fair.


Pairings for Round 3:

  1. @OshaWaterBottle (2-0) VS @Darksripe2 (2-0)
  2. @Gelato (1-1) VS @Wrags23 (1-1)
  3. @Rakkis157 (1-1) VS @Bubber305 (1-1)
  4. @Rippin (1-1) VS @Cobalt314 (1-1)
  5. @ccloughley (0-2) VS @desufnoc (0-2)

Gonna try to have these done quick since it’s taking longer than expected.
Deadline is 8/5/15 at 8:00 PM PST.


Oh damn I am screwed…My autoloss…


Wait, it’s still round 2? I’m so confuz…

Anyway, won this series 2-0 against @Rippin. I sincerely apologize for that Klinklang topdeck. Great games anyway!


Turns out there is planned maintenance for PTCGO tomorrow, so I’ll give everyone an extra day to get their games in.


@Bubber305: 2
@Rakkis157: 1

Last game got really close.


I beat rakkis 2-1
Game one i sweeped him
Game 2 i dead drew and i knew i wouldnt win so i scooped righr away
Game 3 was long and he took the early game but with proper bat snipes i got down to 2 prizes and he had one but he said gg thinking he had won and then i attached Dde used an N making me draw two and him one, with his final turn he could do nothing and i proceeded to AZ my bats and snipe a swablu for game


2-0 VS @Darksripe2. Relatively close each games, Rock Guard makes it interesting.
Wasn’t able to record this round due to internet issues unfortunately.


made it down to 2 prizes both games. GG!


Aw yuck. @wrags23 hasn’t been seen since July 27th, if he doesn’t show up by the deadline tomorrow I’m going to have to drop him. Any updates on your match @desufnoc @ccloughley?


we can probably do it tomorrow, isnt there a ptcgo maintenance today though?


Nope, I am on right now. Would be nice if you can get your game in today.


I can’t play until midnight PST tonight since I’m about to go to work. I’m OK if you have to give me a loss to advance the tournament


Yeah, gonna have to do that. Sorry!

Final Swiss round pairings going up soon.

Round 4 Pairings:

  1. @OshaWaterBottle (3-0) VS @Gelato (2-1)
  2. @Bubber305 (2-1) VS @Cobalt314 (2-1)
  3. @Darksripe2 (2-1) VS @Rakkis157 (1-2)
  4. @ccloughley (1-2) VS @Rippin (1-2)
  5. @desufnoc (1-3) Bye

Since @Wrags23 is MIA @gelato will be given the win and he will be dropped.

Good luck!


So will this be going into top 4


Yep, this will cut to a Top 4 after this round.


I need a win to make top 4 lets go boys


Woah, 6 x-1’s or better right now. Top 4 is up for grabs!


Well, I just beat @Bubber305 2-1 with some pretty sub-par draws there for the both of us. I sincerely apologize for all the trouble I caused with my deck, and I hope you attain great heights with yours!