PTCGO Tournament @Cobalt314 wins!


Dang I fumble my words a lot when commentating.


Can’t be worse than me fumbling with Sky Field. :wink:


I’m playing Metal Rayquaza.


Playing donphan also.


Anyways, as you can tell from Osha’s video, my deck is (Iris and Winona’s) Noivern Druddigon Altaria. It isn’t often that you can build a deck with 3 of your top 10 Dragons, and 2 of your favorite Pokemon Trainers.


I’m playing KBritton.dec


And I beat Gelato 2-0 due to some of the worst luck I’ve ever seen on his part. Sorry!


Sometimes stuff like that just happens, haha. Confirming the above result, thanks for playing!


Any updates @bubber305, @desufnoc, @wrags23, @rippin?


Me and desfunoc are playing right now


I beat desfunoc 2-0 in some solid games , he basically one game one until he decided to misplay and put down a nice and easy 70 hp hawlucha for me to snipe


That will teach me to ev train and play ptcgo at the same time.


Just waiting on @wrags23 and @rippin now.


We’ve been discussing a time to play but conflicting schedules is a problem. I hope to play by Thursday


Think I can speak for all of us, and gonna throw a deadline out. Saturday August 1 @ 9:00p PDT. Thanks.
@OshaWaterBottle LMK if you want me to edit or delete this post.


@Wrags23/@Rippin: I’d prefer for you guys to get in the game by tomorrow night, but let me know what day you can play.


I’m gonna be busy the rest of the week, I highly doubt we will get our games done in time. There is a small window of opportunity tomorrow morning but after that I won’t have any time until Saturday night


Add me to the PM please.


Any updates @Rippin @Wrags23?


We’re just waiting on @wrags23 to respond now, he hasn’t been active on here for 5 days I believe.