PTCGO Tournament @Cobalt314 wins!


@Rakkis157: 2
@Cobalt314: 0

Man, that was a really intense second round against my worst matchup.

Viva Xerosic.


Just waiting on @Wrags23 and @Bubber305 now.


Yeah, we’ve got it scheduled now for tomorrow morning.


I know this is a little late to ask, but the format is Standard, right?


Yeah, the tournament is Standard.


should we all share our deck choices after wrags and bubber played their match as a sort of ‘looking around the tables’ sort of thing?


I won 2-0. GG’s @Bubber305! Are we sharing deck choices like ccloughley said?


If you guys want to, it’s fine with me. They will know mine and @ccloughley’s deck if they watch the match that I am about to upload. Round 2 pairings will go up soon.


If we do share deck choices, everyone should do it. Sharing deck choices make sense, because in a 10-person tourney in real life, you would know everyone else’s deck choice after the first round.


Playing Mlatios/bats


Round 2 Pairings:

  1. @Gelato VS @Darksripe2
  2. @OshaWaterBottle VS @Rakkis157
  3. @Wrags23 VS @Rippin
  4. @Bubber305 VS @desufnoc
  5. @ccloughley VS @Cobalt314

Good luck!

This is the channel that will post the games:
(sorry my commentary is so bad)


Playing Donphan. LatiBats was definitely a scary matchup to get right out of the gate.


Playing Klinklang :sunglasses:


Shaymin / trevenant / drifblim


Groudon, phew @Cobalt314 :p.


I honestly have no clue what to call my deck yet. I’ll just go with Dragons + Altaria for now.


Hmm, Groudon. You know, the selling point of my deck is that it does not really autolose against most of the decks in the format, at the cost of not auto winning against anything, but I haven’t actually faced Groudon, so this will be interesting.


I won 2-1 against @ccloughley in three very close and very intense matches. Thanks for the battles!


Ok gg :smiley:


I’m playing M-Manectric/Blk Kyurem


Lost against @OshaWaterBottle 2-0.

Them plays. Them misplays.

Time to F5 spam Osha’s channel.