PTCGO Tournament @Cobalt314 wins!


Round 2 = 5 players #bye or paired down :disappointed:


There will be a 1-0 that gets paired down. But does it really matter? Nobody will be given a Bye unless someone drops.


I would’ve loved to join this if it weren’t for me going to summer camp tomorrow :frowning:


Well the reason i havent been playing is that it has kinda stopped working on my ipad, so i would have to use it on my laptop and download and log in on my laptop


I’ll join. Haven’t done one of these in a while.


Can I join the tourney? I think there’s room for one more, if I counted correctly.


Yep, you are the last one. R1 pairings will go up soon. Get ready guys!


Oh crap oh crap oh crap, gotta build a deck…


And my login stopped working


Round 1 pairings!

Best 2/3 Swiss, no ID’ing (don’t ask). 4 Rounds T4 Cut.
Good luck!

  1. @Gelato VS @Rippin
  2. @OshaWaterBottle VS @ccloughley
  3. @Bubber305 VS @Wrags23
  4. @Darksripe2 VS @desufnoc
  5. @Rakkis157 VS @Cobalt314

(Tagging for easier notification that the round has started.)


I am so screwed…

@OshaWaterBottle when do you want to play the matches?


Oh, forgot to mention that. PM opponents to setup times to play. I’ll go ahead and PM you.


And I grab r1 vs @desufnoc. Sorry man!


Gonna throw out a deadline for this, Friday the 24th at 8:00 PM PST.


I beat @Rippin 2 games to 1. Great games, and thanks for playing!


Any updates @Rakkis157 @Bubber305 @Wrags23 @Cobalt314?


We had a time set for Monday, but he never responded to the challenge. He hasn’t responded in our convo, but it sounds like he’s busy with work. I’m sure we’ll get the game in.


Still waiting for a reply


I take the series 2-1 VS @ccloughley. Games will be uploaded after everyone finishes their first round.


Sorry about my absence. I had been having internet problems for the last few days. It should be working now.