PTCGO Tournament @Cobalt314 wins!


Just thought I’d make a fun little tournament.

It will start once we get 10 players.
4 Rounds T4 cut.
Please do not switch decks, use the same deck throughout the tournament.
PTCGO only.
If you decide to play in this please finish your games quickly - don’t want this to take too long.

  1. @OshaWaterBottle
  2. @Gelato
  3. @Bubber305
  4. @Darksripe2
  5. @Rakkis157
  6. @Rippin
  7. @ccloughley
  8. @Wrags23
  9. @desufnoc
  10. @Cobalt314


I’ll join this one, PTCGO is a great idea.


If anyone would be willing to record these, I’d love to watch…unless PTCGO has a spectate option?


I could record and post my games to YT if you’d like.


When will this be i would like to enter


It’ll start once we get 10 players.


I’d love to play. Is there any prize for winning?


I’m gonna try recording as well. Count me in.


If anyone wants to donate a few packs, I could give them to the winner.

So you are joining?


How about:
Everyone donates a Wailord EX. Whoever wins gets half, whoever comes in 2nd gets 1/4th, and 3/4th place get 1/8 the wailords.


1 pack entry?



Do note that my timezone is GMT +8.


Count me in!
I’m known as BoysArbokintown on PTCGO

Ps. I’m busy on the weekends if that would cause any scheduling problems


well i am SUPER RICH on ptcgo so I guess I will join…


I guess I’ll play, haven’t done one of these in a while.


could we have a little while to make a deck, because my most recent one is a M gallade deck… or is it pyroar.
how many packs are donated? which set?

Ive still got half a box of next destinies XD


The pairings will go up once the 10th player signs up, so make your deck fast haha. So far there hasn’t been any packs donated by anyone for the prize pool. I don’t really wanna have a 1 pack entry fee though.


How can there be 4 rounds with 10 players … Wouldnt we need 16


Cities can have 9 players and 4 rounds.


Okay well one person gets a bye , kind of unfair yo


facepalm I was giving an example, 9 players is the minimum amount of people needed to have a 4 round tournament. The reason I said 10 player tournament is cause I didn’t want to have to give people Byes.