PTCGO, Post Rotation and Expanded Test Group


I have gone ahead and posted the question on PokeGym, I guess that’s my best bet on the question since I didn’t see anything in the Compendium about it [although please feel free to correct me if I am wrong]

And yea I know PTCGO is really bad with its bugs/rulings :stuck_out_tongue: I have seen many things wrong on it.

On a side note - head ringer goes back to the opponent’s hand currently on PTCGO if you use super scoop up on a pokemon effected by head ringer. I also don’t see anything about this in the compendium, is anyone aware if this is another infamous PTCGO bug or a correct reading of return cards to hands?


It’s a bug. Head Ringer always goes to the owner’s discard.

PTCGO is actually a lot less buggy than it used to be. Annoying, I guess, but kind of inevitable with a small team and constant new card releases.


Yeah, I remember when omega barrier didn’t stop xerosic, so when I was testing I’d have to ask my opponents to not xerosic my Groudon