PTCGO, Post Rotation and Expanded Test Group


This will be my first full season as my first tourney was VA Regionals in Feb. That was a mistake on multiple levels. Second, my name on PTCGO is the same as here - slim182. Third, I have pretty much every Expanded and Standard deck you’d want to test against considering I do most of my playing on the app. And I refuse to use Shiftry NXD.


Added zune, seen you on yesterday but was un able to test due to time restrictions.

Slim ill try to add you tonight.

And don’t worry about shiftry, I am pretty ok vs that matchup for now.


The rest of us could add each other as well.


Absolutely, this thread is for everyone.


Ive added everyone so far; had a great time testing with @Xabalanque and @RJCarrot :slight_smile:


Zune has a good variety of decks and the ones I have played against xablanque are also well put together. I will be looking for more testing vs the Accelvent decks and your Regice deck as they are 2 of my worst matchups.


Been fun testing with people here. I haven’t seen some of the people who posted here though, feel free to add me as well if you haven’t already!

Looking for a testing partner for regionals

Pretty sure I’ve added everyone.


Im down to test. Free all day tomorrow.

Would love feedback both ways after or during a match.

Username is same as here.


If anyone wants to test anything post rotation (standard) let me know - my id is Kuja89. I’m in the UK if you wonder why I’m testing that first! I’ve got a good range of decks and can probably make/trade for anything needed.

I’ll be deck testing expanded soon.


My name is olliver4446
I’m usually on around 2-4 am pst and 10-2 am pst. I have almost every expanded deck built but I’m mostly testing yveltal/archeops and Donphan.


I would like to join this.
My username is “aetherweb”.


can I join?
IGN fbueller


Added everyone here. Looking for more testers for more diverse timezones.


IGN is fatsickboot. Im in the Eastern time zone.


Added everyone. If I’m on, just send me a message.


My IGN name is ii_defy. I’m in GMT.
Looking to mainly test standard but expanded later on in the year.


I have a question - I was playing on PTCGO and used Mega Gardevoir’s attack. I had a double dragon energy on the field, so I thought they would count as 2 fairy energies and add 60 damage to Mega Gardevoir’s attack. Instead of doing that expected 60 damage, mega gardevoir only did an additional 30 damage from the double dragon energy.

My question is, is this a bug or is this how mega gardevoir’s attack should be functioning? Mega gardevoir’s attack says it does “30x the amount of fairy energy attached”. Double Dragon energy specifically says “provides 2 energy at a time”

I would post this question in general chat - but that was locked for some reason


Don’t trust PTCGO when it comes to game mechanics, just file a support ticket.

It should be doing 60 damage.


Here’s the hierarchy of rulings credibility:

  1. Japanese rulings on
  2. Official rulebook
  3. The Compendium and Ask the Rules Team thread on PokeGym
  4. What an experienced tournament judge says
  5. What other players say
  6. What your mum thinks
  7. Online simulators