PTCGO, Post Rotation and Expanded Test Group


I am looking to get some people together and friended up on PTCGO that have good post rotation decks and Expanded decks to test against. The current Expanded VS mode pretty much consists of Shiftry, TDK, and Random Piles of Cards. I know there are better decks out there and would like to get some practice in. My username is RJCarrot if you want to add me. I am currently playing Toad for Post Rotation and Big Basics for Expanded.

If you are interested in testing please post if you are interested in Rotation or Expanded and which decks you are currently playing for them as well as your username. Thanks!


I would be interested, but I couldn’t do it on PTCGO, I don’t have enough cards (I barely have Darkrai/Yveltal built and it doesn’t even have any Dowsing Machine)


I am also interested in such a group, although I tend to play more oddball decks then meta decks. I know for sure I have Magmortar/Electivire (FUF), Shiftry (FLF), Mega Gengar, Sharpedo Ex, Seismitoad EX and Weavile (PLF).


I am always more interested in playing with more competent players. Feel free to add me. Don’t forget to post your online ID so I can add you as well.

I really only play on PTCGO as I a good enough collection where I can usually get the cards I need for a deck for testing and it is just more comfortable for me to play there.


My username is bluezune, and my decks are Metal Ray, Night March, Raichu/Hawlucha/Bats , Wobbats, Yveltal Garbodor, Donphan, and Bunnelby/Slurpuff :wink:

I’m usually free to test between 8-11 pm est.


Awesome Ill add you tonight!


I’m really interested. This year will be my first serious season(Going to all events possible starting with regionals) and I would love to have partners to test with online, my ptcgo username is M_2012. Looking to play against some accelgor, mmanectric,rayeels,vespiquen,etc etc etc decks!


Im fatsickboot on PTCGO. Always deck building and testing so add me! :smile:


Added through 8M8 will add you tonight boot.


Rakkis157, if you are ok with playing against decks which aren’t too meta. Timezones may make it tricky, though.


I believe my online ID is Nihaulis.


I would be willing to join in too if anyone is interested - I have a good amount of decks built and most of the tools to build whatever on PTCGO. My username is Xabalanque, spelled the same way it is here


Added Everyone up to this point.


I did not get a friend request oddly. Are you sure you sent me one?


Ill double check tonight I am pretty sure I did. Maybe I spelled it wrong?


Ya maybe you did. Just type in: bluezune

No capitals or anything like that and you should get it.


Cool, at work at the moment but I should be home around 5pm CST. Ill add you then. Look forward to testing!


Good luck at your tourney carrot!


May not be going, looks like its going to be BW-ROS not through AOR. Which means it does nothing for me practicing for Regs. My deck is too vulnerable without the AOR cards in it so ill probably just go play league with my Non Standard Standard deck… It seems like its taking forever for this crap to rotate already.


Still did not get request. Can I try requesting you @RJCarrot ?