PTCGO Expanded 8-Man Tournament


You’re against @ddbargardi in Winners R2 and @joebear is automatically advanced into Losers R2.


@ccloughley lmk when you want to play.


I won against @Team_Z-man 2-0, thanks for playing!


@Latte1504 vs @Team_Z-man, and I play @Gelato. (for updates)


Obviously James knows this, but for the sake of record-keeping I’ll post in the thread: Me over @OshaWaterBottle 2-0.


Lost a close match to @ddbargardi 2-1.



You play the winner of @Team_Z-man vs @Latte1504. @Gelato, you play @ddbargardi.


2-0 over @Joebear. GGs.


Team Z-man defeats latte1504 2- 0. Good playing with him. He was unlucky.


Wish I could figure out how to cc on the msg.


Wasn’t unlucky, I made my deck to burn ASAP because it’s fun to me…


@ccloughley vs @Team_Z-man.


Any updates guys? Would prefer you to finish in the next 24 hours.


We should be playing within a few hours.


You guys have till tomorrow at 12 AM PST to complete your match.


Can we have a couple hours extra?
We plan to be playing this evening (last evening didn’t work out).


I worded my post weird. I sent it at like 1 AM so that implied Thursday at 12AM.


Oh, I see. Thanks for the clarification!


I won 2-0 against @Team_Z-man

That was a close last match!


Interaction in Game 3… 2-1 over @ccloughley.