PTCGO Expanded 8-Man Tournament


Simple 8-man Double Elimination tournament.
Format will be played in Expanded, BLW-STS.
No decklists required, just don’t be that guy and switch decks.
Best 2 out of 3.
Tournament will start once we get 8 people, and there will be a break for Worlds.


  1. @OshaWaterBottle
  2. @ddbargardi
  3. @Joebear
  4. @ccloughley
  5. @Gelato
  6. @Latte1504
  7. @Team_Z-man
  8. @Dark_Void


I really hope I don’t get picked.


I would be down to do it after worlds.


Looks like it will be.


Count me in.



I’ll join this as well.


I’ll Play.



Just need two more people now. Might add in a few packs for the winner.


Is this on TCGONE or PTCGO?


do you even have eyes lmfao


I really don’t LOL…

Found it now though, I expected it to be in the OP.


Count me in for this Torny


Just need one more now… Someone join please.


i can join(required me to have at least 20 characters for some reason)


Pairings up for Round 1, again this tournament will be Double-Elimination. If you don’t know what that is…look it up.

@Joebear vs. @ddbargardi
@ccloughley vs. @Dark_Void
@Latte1504 vs. @OshaWaterBottle
@Team_Z-man vs. @Gelato
Please follow this link for guidance.

Deadline will be every four days or so.

Have fun!


2-1 over @Latte1504.


Me 2-1 over @Joebear


@ccloughley @Dark_Void

Any updates?


We’re working on it.

We were going to play, but then as soon as we were ready there was an update and unscheduled maintenance :frowning:


Sorry for the wait, I was away at a cottage and @Dark_Void had all of his Shaymins traded away :stuck_out_tongue: .

Tl;dr, I was given the win and @Dark_Void dropped :confused: