Proxys. The good, the bad, and the ugly

Hey guys. I was going through my deck and had a thought. Are proxys really okay? I mean you can use them to test a deck but when do proxys become meaningless and even redundant and annoying. I mean imagine going to a tournament with you deck that you spent tons of money and some kid comes in with 4 vs seeker proxys and 4 shaymin proxys and a bunch of other proxys. I know it pisses me off. I just wanted to get a conversation going about this because those kinds of kids are very real and we should do something about it. Let’s here what you guys think.

It wouldn’t make you feel so ticked off if you know that that kids gonna at least get a round loss.

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You can’t use proxies in torunaments so I don’t know what the rage is about


If the tournaments you are talked by about are unsanctioned, where they would have to be or they are messed up tournaments, what’s the harm? They don’t mean too much, and they are meant to be fun. Besides, a kid with proxies probably isn’t the best (unless he/she is missing them or testing a deck), so it wouldn’t matter much to a practiced player.

I find playing against proxies really annoying, because you can easily change
The cards with them. If they just take off the picture on top of the card, they can essentially have two cards in one.This guy in Masters I was playing against. changed a Revive into an Acro Bike, thinking I didn’t notice.I can’t test my decks properly if the other person is cheating with proxies.

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Cheating? Was it a tournament? If not, it was a completely different game, so it wasn’t cheating.

It wasn’t a tournament, but it still made it really hard to test my decks without him swapping cards mid game and ultimately winning.

MID-game??? That’s completely different. That shouldn’t be counted as a game, with it practically being a 61 card deck. I thought you meant two different games.

The proxies aren’t the issue in this case, that person is just a jerk.

The purpose of testing is to figure out the best strategies. Anyone who plays testing games solely to win, and not to learn is testing wrong, especially if they’re going to cheat to win during testing. I’d recommend finding others to test with as that person seems like bad testing.


proxies really do help beginner players who dont have 3 shaymins or other expensive cards. Proxies gives time to test without getting the card.

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Though proxies are supposed to be used for testing purposes only. It gets annoying when a kid shows up and starts playing the game, but uses world championship shaymins for months and doesn’t even attempt to get real ones. There are also a lot of problems with kids trading their worlds cards for real cards to an unknowing individual.


you dont know how ,any kids that i tell each week that their “card” is illegal in a sanctioned tourney

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Personally, I think it is very rude and, well, disrespectful to the meta by proxying Shamin or Lele.

Sometimes, it’s the only way to get it. Not exactly what you want, but testing is testing.

it ma be rude but for plaers that want to make sure there deck is good.

Most plaers proxing them are looking for real ones

Of course, but figuring out you don’t need 3 Shaymin in a deck before you buy the 3 cards is better than not using one.

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exactlymy point. so proxies can be ver helpful