Primal Kyogre-EX Variants // BCR-on

This is my primal kyogre/seismitoad/garbodor deck. Seismitoad is for early game item lock, Garbodor is for ability lock and Kyogre is Kyogre of course.

Here is my list

Pokemon: 11
2x Primal Kyogre
3x Kyogre Ex
2x Seismitoad Ex
2x Trubbish
2x Garbodor

Stadiums: 3
3x Silent Lab/ Rough Seas

Energy: 12
8x Water
4x DCE

Supporters: 12
4x Sycamore
4x N
3x Skyla
1x Lysandre

3x Kyogre Spirit Link
4x Dive Ball
3x Ultra Ball
2x VS Seeker
1x Professor’s Letter
4x Float Stone
1x Dowsing Machine
2x Superior Energy Retrieval
2x Switch

Now I know you do need 3 Primal Kyogre but I really cannot afford it atm I think this deck will be very competitive.

It seems slow with the energy attaching.

Why run Silent Lab AND Garbodor? They do the exact same thing…

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Silent Lab only works on Basics. Garbotoxin works on all abilities.

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Here is my list I will be trying
Pokemon: 11
3-3 Primal Kyogre EX
1 Keldeo EX
2 Kyurem PLF
1 Seismitoad EX
1 Charizard EX FLF 12
Trainers: 37
4 Professor Juniper
4 N
2 Colress
2 Skyla
2 Lysandre
4 Dive Ball
3 Switch
2 VS Seeker
2 Professor’s Letter
2 Acro Bike
1 Energy Retrieval
3 Kyogre Spirit Link
2 Muscle Band
3 Rough Seas
Energy: 12
12 Water

This is a list in progress. I really like Kyurem because he can hit high amount of damage and he’s a one prize attacker. The math works perfectly, 30 onto a benched 170hp EX with Frost Spear or Tidal Storm, slap a muscle band on Kyurem, and he can knock it out with Blizzard Burn. Seems pretty good to me.

Also, Charizard is for VirGen, Tidal Storm can put 30 on all VirGen, and Zard can finish them off with a Banded Wing attack.

Turn 1: Water attachment, Spirit Link, pass.
Turn 2: Evolve, Water attachment, Alpha Growth, attach DCE. Attack. Put 2 water onto benched Kyorge


Black Kyurem for a nice Ballista.

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Which gives you more of a reason to not run both at the same time because Garbodor shuts them all off, regardless of the Stage.

Yeah, but Garbodor is a stage 1 that needs a tool, 3 cards total with a turn of waiting if you just benched Trubbish; whereas, Silent Lab is a Stadium and all you have to do is draw 1 card to play it. There are many reasons to play one or neither.

So dedicate three spots to a Stadium card that is inferior to your Stage 1, making said Stadium cards useless once you get it set and into play? Honestly, if you’re running a consistent deck, you can get Garbodor going fairly quickly. Makes zero sense at all. You could be using those spots for a more useful Stadium.

Not to mention, Silent Lab won’t shut down Aromatisse, Bronzong, etc. - all of which are also Stage 1 cards with Abilities that your opponent also has to take more than one turn to get set.

One or the other, not both.


Ah, but what does Silent Lab shut down? Let’s see. Red Signal and Verdant Wind. I’d say in a VirGen heavy meta, Silent Lab > Garbodor. Safeguard, Bind Barrier, other basic walls. I’d say in a Donphan heavy meta, Silent Lab > Garbodor. In other meta-games that may not be true (aka Yveltal, Toad, and Metal).

Now that you mention it, I can’t think of a signal deck that uses abilities on both basic pokemon and evolution pokemon, or at least a deck that is relevant (aka tiered), maybe Fairies, if they play walls??

So yes, maybe both is overkill, but there are best uses for each.

I’m not saying there aren’t uses for each, but together makes zero sense.

Running Silent Lab so you can counter VirGen? Fighting decks would lose extra damage, Dark decks would lose the ability to counter their Lightning weakness or their damage output from dropping Virbank, Fairies don’t get a free retreat… The point of the game is consistency and running your deck as efficiently as possible. And you can play around Safe Guards without losing out on more beneficial Stadiums.

Not to mention, that Kyogre deck is pretty much an auto-loss to VirGen… So why use that as an example to tech Silent Lab to shut off those specific Abilities? More dead cards.

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Neither is also an option. On the flip side of that coin, I’d rather use Silent Lab in a Kyogre deck than Garbodor if I wanted to improve my match up against the “auto-loss” VirGen by eliminating the abilities. However there are other cards to consider too, Head Ringer, Lysandre, ect…

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Thank you for further proving my point.

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No problem, that’s the whole point of a discourse! Don’t thank me, thank @Adam for making SixPrizes and hosting this site!


I’m not running silent lab for virgen. I’m running Silent Lab to make sure there are as few abilities as possible in play. I disagree with you all. I am going to be trying running the both together and then just garbodor and then just silent lab with probably raichu or beartic or just more trainers to improve my overall match-ups. Primal Kyogre/Seismitoad is the way to go guy’s.

Would you be running silent lab and rough seas?

No it’s either one or the other

Which do you prefer? I like Rough Seas because it states that you can heal 30 from each of your water and lightning, but this is just my opinion.

The reason i said this was because I used to think it was just for one pokemon.