Primal Groudon-EX PRC Variants // BLW-on 2016

If you are really looking for a legit way to deal with Vespiquen without setting up Groudon early on, Regirock/Focus Sash is amazing.


Thoughts about Regirock AOR vs Regirock promo?

Also, anyone running/testing Parallel City?

Regirock promo has barrier and can one shot vespiquen/

I like it. Its nice to discard your opponent’s bench and them one shot their active. Very fun. And it reduces toad damage


Playing against this in top 8 of regionals tomorrow, how to I beat this with a deck that only has 2 ways of drawing other than shaymin?

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Hope they don’t start wobb and you go first. Then you win. Otherwise, you lose.

Write Stephan tabacco or Joe Sanchez, these guys invented the deck. They know all the in’s and out’s.

Ideally, this is supposed to be good over the sabeleye match up, but its actually hard to win that match up because even though the sabeleyes can’t use hammers, flares and xeros, they still can head ringer and ‘rince and repeat’ life dew. I’ve been deck testing against sabeleye a lot and if you can’t lysandre around the one with Life Dew and catch Shaymin/Jirachis and other vulnerable pokemon, because your resources are depleted, you end up decking out and losing anyway

Am I playing this wrong?

Huh, does primal groudon get damaged by faded town? or no?

It does as it’s considered a mega

However it’s ancient trait could stop it.

No, it couldn’t since the ancient trait clearly excludes tools and stadiums

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I noticed that this deck picked up steam recently and did fairly well at the US regionals, which made me really happy because I’m a big fan of the Primal G.

However, playing it a bit on online gave me a massive headache as it felt that I struggled against so many things in the meta.

  • Vespiquen / Flareon is a pain but it’s kind of manageable if you can get a couple of their DCEs discarded, unless they’re running Puzzle of Time at which point you need to get a really great streak of cards in order to go toe-to-toe with them, let alone win. The Vespiquen / Night March variety tends to be a bit easier to manage as they’re focusing a lot of resources on their Night Marchers, which are easily managed by Assault Vest.

  • Toad Tina is just an absolute nightmare. Unless they make huge misplays like dropping a Virbank or play 2 Shaymins when you only need 4 prizes to win, the Giratina will stop you dead in your tracks, unless again you get a LOT of DDE discards. I’ve lost to people who played VS Seeker into Team Flare Grunt on my Primal Groudon…At least the pure Toad varieties, including Toad / Bats are ridiculously easy thanks to Assault Vest.

  • Genesect is pretty much an auto-loss. I’d definitely consider teching a Weakness Policy if I ran into more Genesects, because they just ignore your Focus Sash and if you weren’t lucky enough to get 2 Sashes early, sash just gives them an easy 4 prize turn.

  • Yveltal is hit or miss. If you get set up and get Lysandres, you can dominate, but if you’re forced into a corner and don’t draw a stadium in time, you’ll just die as they can revenge kill with baby Yveltal. The Toad variety is pretty easy, though.

  • Sableye is just the biggest wall to this deck, I feel. Even though you should be winning pretty easy thanks to Primal G’s immunity to Crushing Hammer, Team Flare Grunt etc, you’ll have to get really lucky with them not drawing into Puzzle of Time before you can attack so they don’t permanently deny you prizes. And you really need to know that you’re going against Sableye, because if you ever drop a card that’s not called Primal Groudon or Regirock onto the field, it’ll get Lysandred and you’ll just get decked out without being able to retreat.

I’d love to hear people’s experience with playing this deck. Any pointers for some of these impossible match-ups would be great - because right now I just can’t even decide what to tech first, more Switches to get out of Lysandre situations, a second Jirachi promo to give me a slightly better chance against Tina, a Weakness Policy in place of a Sash… I don’t even know.

Cheers mates.

Edit: Oh and for the record, this is the list I’m using. My record’s pretty good, something like a 75% win rate (although I’m playing on PTCGO, some of opponents had pretty bad decks) but when you lose, it feels like I can’t do too much.

Check out Emily Cheng’s Groudon list (look up Oregon Seniors top 8). It’s a really good list, or even Sebastion Crema’s list (Oregon Master’s Winner)

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I have, I made this deck after researching all of the Primal Groudon decks that did well at all of the last regionals. All of the lists were pretty much the same give or take 5 cards, anyway.

In that I think you are wrong. Emily’s list was more teched out. She ran a Red Card, a Super Rod and a Tool Scrapper, along with other one-of copies of various cards, but from the looks of it, didn’t run Robo Sub, which is weird. and ran 3 Mega Turbo while Sebastion opted for ultra consistency. He decided to max out on Tropical Beach, and didn’t run any cute techs like the Scrapper or Red Card (although he apparently did opt to run an Enhanced Hammer)


I made a spreadsheet listing the cards they played, Red Card and Tool Scrapper are the only cards that she played that nobody else did. Other than that, the only differences between the 5 Primal Groudon decks that did well are A) which 2 Pokemon they played besides Primal G and Wobb (Regirock, Jirachi, Bunnelby, Mr. Mime) and B) card counts, i.e. some played 3 N 3 Juniper whilst others played 2 N 4 Juniper. =P

There were only 6 cards that weren’t run in at least 2 of the 5 decks (thus unique techs) and it’s understandable, the core of this deck is pretty heavy so it’s hard to tech things in without sacrificing consistency.

I guess Tool Scrapper is an interesting idea if you expect to run into a lot of Sableye, though its uses pretty much end there. Especially since Emily Cheng dropped Enhanced Hammer in her list, which makes Night March, Vespiquen and Tina A LOT more manageable.

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I would love to know Emily’s thinking. Omitting Robo sub and adding mega turbo was quite… Interesting, but it obviously worked. I like tool scrapper. I just do. The red card was a little strange but oh well.

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I think if you don’t expect to run into a lot of aggressive decks - NM, Vespiquen, Flareon - then Robo Sub is mostly fodder to be honest. Against many decks - Toadtina and Sableye for example - it does pretty much nothing other than give you free retreat when needed.

So I’m guessing it’s just a meta call, if you know it won’t be all that useful, you can cut it for better tech cards against whatever you expect to face. Though the 3rd Mega Turbo, I really don’t get - I’m running 2 and it feels like a lot of the time I have to discard them anyway.

Edit: Forgot to mention that the Red Card is brilliant in that it can be searched with Korrina and it disrupts the otherwise endless Puzzle of Time x2 -> Life Dew + Trick Shovel -> Junk Hunt combination, but as a 1 of, I can’t see it really improving your chances of victory by a very high amount.