Primal Groudon-EX PRC Variants // BLW-on 2016

So, I think that Primal Groudon has a lot of potential in expanded. Regirock/Focus Sash help beat Vespiquen and Night March. Wobbufett helps slow down Arcies Blastoise. The Blister Pack promo Jirachi helps against ToadTina and other Giratina variants. Most big ex decks falter to the might of a big Primal Groudon ex wiping out everything. I feel this is a good play for those people with expanded cities. (Like me.)
Here’s a list:
3-3 Primal Groudon ex PRC
3 Wobbufett
1 Landorus ex
1 Regirock
2 Jirachi Promo

3 Robo Substitute
4 VS Seeker
2 Focus Sash
1 Hard Charm
1 Float Stone
1 Switch
1 Escape Rope
1 Computer Search
1 Ultra Ball
1 Professor’s Letter
2 Mega Turbo

4 Professor Juniper
3 Korrina
3 N
1 Lysandre
1 Hex Maniac

3 Silent Lab
1 Parallel City
1 Fighting Stadium

8 Fighting Energy
4 Strong Energy

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Yeah I agree with you Primal G can be and will most likely be a good play soon, also this may sound weird but steven can be really good when you are under item lock, me and my friends have been testing it and its good.

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Any hard match ups at all for Groudon?

Tropical Beach is way too good to pass up in here.


Not everybody owns Tropical Beach tho so yeah

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However, Tropical Beach in Groudon is really, really good. And super consistent.

I’ll try it. I happen to own one…


Just one won’t cut it. You need 2-3 at the minimum (at least I think so)

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You don’t NEED 2-3. The deck ran fine without the Beaches in the BCR-ROS format, and was pretty successful at worlds. I have seen a lot of games where the Beach that was in play never got used once, just to be sent to the discard pile from repeated Gaia Volcanoes. If you only have access to one, the deck is not by all means unplayable.


It’s so you can consistently get it out. Beach is incredible in Groudon. And I mean incredible. But 4 is too much, and you still need to run Silent Lab, so I’d say that you’d run something like 2-3 Beach, and 2-3 Silent Lab, although not 3 of each. I’d run a Regirock promo and a Jirachi promo too.


If you have beaches you should use them, but you still could win the cities without them. It’s just something nice to have that you probably won’t use every game.

  1. I don’t own beaches myself
  2. Groudon isn’t the play for my meta
  3. I don’t have a good Groudon list, much less the willingness to try it out.
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I got my hands on 2 Tropical Beaches on the TCGO so I’ll be trying a spread of 2 Beach - 2 Silent Lab - 1 Fighting Stadium. Considering cutting a Beach for a Scorched Earth as the clutch draw really helps sometimes.

Also I don’t have Landorus EX and I didn’t really wanna run 2 Jirachi because I don’t run into that many Giratinas, so I opted for a Bunnelby PCL (has saved my ass before) and a 4th Korrina instead.

Okay so after playing with the beaches for a bit I feel like a fool for ever considering dropping one. They’re so valuable to start out with - I often would just Computer Search for the beach T1 or T2 if I couldn’t evolve Groudon for whatever reason - that maybe even running more is a good idea, in place of the Fighting Stadium as I never once ran into a situation where it was useful.

The only downside of course being that the opponent can use your beach and get out of a bad hand as well, but if they do so then that means that your Wobbuffet is staying around for one more turn, which is great.


Perhaps 3 Beach, 2 Silent Lab, and then 1 Regirock promo, 1 Bunnelby, and 1-2 Jirachi promos?

Hey, lets not forget the purpose of Ω Barrier, because that is what we want, a big 240 HP Slugger on our bench, not a 180 HP pip-squeak who can be ohko’ed easily, and lysandred. I think beach is great, dont get me wrong, i just think how you use it it key to understand.

While I see what you’re saying, I think you’re slightly exaggerating about Groudon being easy to OHKO with its 180 HP. It’s possible, but in all of my the games I played I only had my Groudon get Lysandred without a way to get it out of the active like once or twice.

Sometimes I think if you’ve got a terrible hand with no supporters or energy and a Primal Groudon in hand, it’s better to use the beach first, because that might allow you to attach next turn AND mega evolve, whereas just mega evolving on that turn could leave you with no energy attachments for 2 turns.

Sorry, I think i thought he could get OHKO’ed easier because in Texas, our meta is almost all Vespiquen. I have been going off that because Vespiquen+Bangle+4 pokemon in discard OHKO groudon ex, which happens oddly enough every game, because Battle Comp, Comp Search, and Ultra Ball, + VS Seeker make it almost always happen. But yes, depending on your meta, it can/cant be OHKO’ed easily following Lysandre.

Well, you wouldn’t play Groudon in a Vespiquen-abundant meta, would you? Don’t get me wrong, you can always run a Groudon Spirit Link or two (or even Weakness Policy if you want), although I personally think just using a Ghetsis with Wobbuffet active, or a Hex Maniac with a Robo Sub active then Primal Reverting would get the job done just as well. And your opponent might not want to bump Tropical Beach so that they can use it, and if they do, your walls go a turn longer without sustaining any damage, and you essentially get a free turn of attachments and stuff.

I might actually, I was planning to do that for my first week of cities. I just was saying that because more often that not I see Groudons getting Lysandre’d up and KO’d here in Texas. Even if I wasn’t going to play this for an event in an area filled with Vespiquen, I was going to refer to how I knew Groudon was played (even if it was in my own area and not his). This is the great thing about these forums isn’t it. A lot of players give input and output on specific decks and you end up with a beautiful growing community supported by trustworthy and earnest leaders and founders, such as @OshaWaterBottle, @baby_mario, @Adam, and @KPiplup. This is why Six Prizes is in existence. It is because of everyone being okay to agree to disagree and get along. That is why I gave my input, and you and @ShadowU gave your output. Rinse, and repeat.