Primal Groudon-EX // PRC-on

I’ve seen this deck get hyped around the internet but there’s no thread for it here so I thought I’d make one.

There’s many different ways to build P-Groudon decks I feel but this is the list I’ve been playing:

Pokemon (16)
3x Groudon-EX PRC
3x Primal Groudon-EX PRC
3x Carbink (Safeguard)
3x Carbink BREAK
1x Zygarde-EX
2x Shaymin-EX
1x Hoopa-EX

Trainers (32)
3x Professor Sycamore
1x N
2x Lysandre
1x Hex Maniac
4x VS Seeker
4x Ultra Ball
4x Trainers’ Mail
2x Switch
1x Escape Rope
1x Super Rod
2x Mega Turbo
3x Groudon Spirit Link
3x Scorched Earth
1x Shrine of Memories

Energy (12)
4x Strong Energy
8x Fighting Energy

Some explanation for the cards:

Carbink & Carbink BREAK: I feel like with the loss of Korrina for consistency and Robo Subs to hide behind, the defensive / stall build with Wobbuffet no longer works. Instead we can make use of Carbink’s Safeguard ability which keeps him safe against both Giratina, Mewtwo and Rayquaza, who are forced to Lysandre something else out or draw deep for a Hex Maniac, for a 1 prize Pokemon. Carbink BREAK’s attack gives the deck great speed, which helps it compete with faster decks.

Shaymin-EX & Hoopa-EX: As mentioned previously I feel that with Korrina being rotated, the deck took a big hit to its consistency that can only be made up for by using Hoopa and Shaymin to get some speed into the deck. The downside of course being that the opponent now has 2 easy Lysandre targets, but it’s not impossible to try and fit a Parallel City in the deck to help with that, while also making the Rayquaza match-up easier.

Zygarde-EX: Honestly I’m not too sure if I’ll end up keeping this guy because he ends up being a discard very often. He is good as a secondary attacker vs Giratina if you don’t draw into the Hex Maniac, and doing 60 for 1 Strong Energy can get you some funny donks, but it’s hard to justify having him around a lot of the time.

Scorched Earth & Shrine of Memories: The old build used Silent Lab because it ran so slow that betting on drawing into / discarding the Hex Maniac vs Giratina was unreliable, but this new build is much better for that thanks to aggressive drawing with Shaymin and Scorched Earth. Scorched Earth also gets energies into the discard for Carbink and Mega Turbo to accelerate, so I feel that it makes for the best stadium to run in the deck, and 1 Shrine of Memories is always great for dealing with small things without discarding a stadium.

Cards to consider in the deck:

Regirock promo - He’s not as great as he used to be due to losing Focus Sash, but he can still do the job he was supposed to - return stadiums or deal with Safeguard-type Pokemon.

Regirock AOR - OHKOs virtually any fighting-weak Pokemon, such as Darkrai-EX and even M-Audino-EX for just 3 energies, while only giving 1 prize, so if these cards are common in your area’s meta, consider this guy.

Weakness Policy - P-Groudon has always been very weak against Vespiquen and that’s gotten even worse as our big boy now also gets OHKOed by Yanmega if he’s got a tool attached, which he probably will be as evolving without a Spirit Link in this deck is a really big setback. So this card definitely warrants consideration. It also makes Zygarde a good chunk better.

Assault Vest - A majority of the big decks use special energies so this card is still as useful as it used to be. Giratina now has to hit P-Groudon and Zygarde (if he heals once) 4 times to KO them, and this could buy Carbink an extra turn to accelerate energy.

What do you guys think? Any ideas on how to improve this build?

I think Shaymin is bad as well as hoopa because this deck depends on starting wobb, or in this build, carbink. If you start or even play down a Shaymin or hoopa, it will be an easy two prizes for your opponent. I am not an expert on this deck by any means though.


Like the OP said, you can run Parallel City to mitigate that issue. Additionally, if they’re taking KOs on your shaymins and Hoopas, that means they aren’t knocking out your attackers, allowing you to knock out their attackers for free basically, which can put you way ahead.

I played a slower version of this without Hoopa or Shaymin, and instead relied on Regirock promo to establish my energy, then Ninja Boy into Groudon, attach the spirit link, Mega Evolve, smash face. I lost T3 to M Mewtwo with Garbodor shutting down the Carbink wall.


I think that by its very nature, Primal Groudon has difficulties against Mega Mewtwo EX and Mega Ray. The former due to the prevalence of Garbotoxin in the majority of the builds I’ve seen for Standard, and the latter because of its ability to be so explosive despite having lost Battle Compressor and a few other things that aren’t as detrimental.

I like Carbink/Break for Groudon as it does give him a much better pacing out the gate, assuming that you can get the Safeguarder and its acceleration evo out quickly enough. Korrina rotating really hurt him ultimately - in my opinion, which sucks because I really took a shine to Garchomp

Garchomp is fine honestly. It doesn’t miss korrina

How is being able to grab both the rare candy and the garchomp not valuable?


What are we even talking about garchomp for? This is a Groudon thread


That should not be your preferred stadium.

The thing is, with 2x Shaymin and 3-4x Scorched Earth plus your regular draw supporters, you have enough draw power to get a Carbink in the active T1 very often, as you’re running 3 switching items. Running a Parallel City to ditch Hoopa and Shaymin from the board is also very easy thanks to aforementioned draw power, and it’s not like it’s a dead card besides that as you always need a stadium for P-Groudon’s attack.

[quote=“GeneticFreak150, post:5, topic:9448, full:true”]
I think that by its very nature, Primal Groudon has difficulties against Mega Mewtwo EX and Mega Ray. The former due to the prevalence of Garbotoxin in the majority of the builds I’ve seen for Standard, and the latter because of its ability to be so explosive despite having lost Battle Compressor and a few other things that aren’t as detrimental.[/quote]

I think M-Mewtwo isn’t that bad to be honest because he can’t Lysandre the Groudon so he’s forced to Lysandre a Shaymin or rush a Garbodor to deal with Carbink, which means you get to counter attack with Groudon almost every time. If he doesn’t pull off Garbotoxin within the first 2 turns - they typically run a Wally, right? - I feel it’s a pretty even match-up, but if you can’t power-up a Groudon in time it can be messy, yeah.

M-Rayquaza I feel is a toss-up because Hex Maniac is their only out to Safeguard, plus Lysandre of course, and since Carbink BREAK’s attack can accelerate special energies as well as basic, it’s really easy to get 2 Strong Energy on a Groudon for the OHKO. But if you don’t get a good starting hand, you can lose pretty hard.

The match-up I am most concerned about is Giratina/Darkrai. Sure Darkrai has that fighting weakness so even Zygarde comes in handy here, but against Tina it’s basically Hex Maniac + stadium or bust, and Carbink will consistently get OHKO if Tina has a Fury Belt attached which means accelerating is rough

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Theoretically, Carbink should be impervious to Giratina EX. In order to KO Carbink, one of two things must happen: Hex Maniac is played, or Garbodor gets a tool attached. Both of these negate Giratina’s ability, so you can immediately move up your PG and OHKO the Giratina. Since PG is pretty much the best deck for building up your bench, even if they wait long enough to load up 3 attackers, you’ll have also done that by then and then you should be able to out-trade them blow for blow. If you are lucky, you might even get a KO with Carbink Break. All in all, save your having a terrible start, it should be a (theoretically) decent matchup.

I will say this, though: Beware of Klefki.


Thanks for the input, I guess Carbink works a lot better vs Giratina than i expected.

Edit: Klefki, that bugger. He’d have to be played before Hex Maniac / Garbodor gets a tool, and after that it’s back to being walled by Carbink or Klefki can’t be used. Or maybe Groudon-EX saves the day, he can KO Giratina with 2 Strong Energy attached, or 1 Strong Energy if she’s been hit once by a Carbink, provided no FFB. =P

I’m guessing that this deck’s success will be determined largely by how players can build it to handle M-Ray consistently, because I feel like it has at least decent match-ups vs a lot of other popular decks.

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