Predictions on Worlds 2015 decks


Good Point.

Also, @Dweinhardt, it has to do with both. For instance, suspect tests like the ongoing Mega Pidgeot one are determined entirely on how good a Pokémon is to be in which tier. It’s a bit of both.


I know ubers is based on how strong stuff is, but aren’t all the tiers lower based on usage? That’s why the term contains “-used” in it, since it’s based on usage.
Potentially Used
Rarely Used
Not Used


The tiers are based on usage, but the bans are based on brokenness.

Ubers (banlist for ou)
BL (banlist for uu)
BL2 (banlist for ru)



Let’s get back to discussing the decks, please.


Well I dont really have much of an opinion, but shaymin/trevenant FTW!!!


Without trump? I think Gengar Trev is notably better at the moment


that is WAY too slow.
without t1 lock, trevenant is nothing


@Dweinhardt @ccloughley

Just making sure… the two of you are indeed talking about two different decks, right? If you are, then should you be? I don’t see why someone couldn’t run Shaymin-EX - even heavily - in a Gengar-EX / Trevenant deck so that they could afford to Wally when needed. For the record as well, a T1 Trevenant is devastating and more of an issue than one than the lock starting later… but rarely will the lock “mean nothing” when it fails to happen on a player’s first turn. There is a diminishing return, but it is still quite formidable to deny an opponent Items even after they’ve had one or two turns.


You can definitely run each, but the more Shaymin heavy variants tend to want to play just Shaymin so they can get it off the field, so there aren’t any Lysandre targets to break the item lock, whereas Gengar is a more deck and cover-esque deck.


I dont use shaymin as my attacker in my build, i only run silver bangle and only one float stone


Oh ok. Well Gengar Trevenant is really good, it still plays Wally. It took t4 at US Nats Juniors


Update: Switched Archies Blastoise to B tier and mega manny/Aegislash to A tier. Also added in the B tier: Wobbats and MegaRay/Grass.


This tier list will include the tiers: S, A, B, C, D, and F. The stuff in the F tier is the stuff that can be played but probably wont have much of an impact.
Tier S:
M Manectric/Garbodor/Empoleon via Archies
Tier A:
Primal Kyogre
Tier B:
Raichu/Bats/watever else (Toad, Leafeon, etc.)
MegaRay Dragon
Toad/Manectric/Jynx FFI
Tier C:
Night March
M Ray/Grass
Tier D:
Arromatisse variants
Wailord (or some other stall thingy)
Tier F:
M Manectric/Aegislash
Yveltal variants
Hope you like it, and please give me some feedback!


I don’t really understand why you rate TDK, Bunnelby, Yveltal, and Toad/Daunt so lowly. They aren’t played very much, but neither are [N] MRay, NM, Wobbats, or PG/Wobbs