Poll: 6P Unown Pleasures T-Shirts at Worlds


I’m ordering a handful of t-shirts for our writers at Worlds, and I was thinking about ordering extras if anyone else attending Worlds would be interested in one. I’m going to say $20 each, though if it seems like there is a lot of interest then maybe I can knock the price down some.

  • I’ll be in Boston and I will buy a shirt!
  • No thanks.

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The shirts are going to be printed in two new colorways (which I’ll keep secret for now). Any feedback would be helpful! I’m going to be placing the order with the manufacturer within the next day so spread let your friends know to vote in the poll ASAP.


could I buy one online and have it shipped to my house? I’m not going to worlds so…


Nope, I can’t be bothered to wait in the line at the post office to ship anything. Only distributing these at Worlds.

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Darnit, I won’t be able to make it to Worlds. The T-Shirt design is a bit gruesome (it’s suppossed to be a crunched deck, right?), but it looks really cool.


It’s not a crunched deck, it’s a parody of an album by Joy Division


Had to look it up just to see for myself. Whoah.


Read more about it here if you’re bored …


These look cool even though I don’t know what Unown Pleasures is haha. Is there any way you could make a color other than white?


Yes, there will be a darker color available.


Can I have a friend pick one up for me?


Yeah sure! That’s a good idea. Anyone who wants a shirt but isn’t going to Worlds, ask a friend to get one for you.

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Where will you be selling these tomorrow? @Adam


Yes I will try to find you!


Where will you be the rest of the day @adam ?


Are you doing dice battles?


Not sure now. Will you be playing in the Boston Open? I’ll look for you on the pairings and find your table.


No dice battles this year