Politoed FFI Variants // BCR-on

I’m really surprised this hasn’t been created yet (to my knowledge) so I decided to spark some conversation on it. The main reason I’m going to play this deck is that poliwag is my favourite pokemon. The other reason is that it looks like a cheap fun deck the list I’ve been testing (mostly in my head is
Pokemon 17
4 poliwag
4 poliwhirl
3 politoed
1 poliwrath
2-1-2 Duscnoir line

Supporters 15
4 N
3 Professor Sycamore
3 skyla (I’ve never liked this card in this fast pace meta game)
2 colress
1 pokemon fan club
2 lysandre

Items 28
3 ultra balls
4 roller skates
4 frozen city
4 rare candies
3 startiling megaphones
2 max potions
4 silver bangle/muscle band?
1 town map
2 sacred ash
1 dowsing/computer search?

The big question is energy or no energy and I think no energy is the only way this deck is going to succeed is sans energy but if you want you could run about six energy, 2 emolga, and a milktank along with a professors letter.
I typed this on a ios device so hopefully it is easy enough to read and I would appreciate all helpful advice
I just found the original politoed thread if this could be moved that would be great sorry for the trouble

if I were you I would add the energy and miltank and emolga and the letter for it take some or all of your frozen city and sacred ash and a megaphone and maybe some skates if you feel you don’t need them

and if you aren’t I would go 2-2 on the politoad poliwraith and maybe take out a 2 poliwhirl for something again if you aren’t going to do the substitute then I suggest you take out the frozen city and 2 poliwhirl for 2 virbank and 4 laser

Skates I can take out as they were more thrown in as a last addition to try and speed it up but what I like about the deck is that it can utilize max potion in the fullest. I might need emolga or dedene to get the poliwags up but I think all try no energy first. If anyone can see any other flaws like I just spotted I don’t have a switch so I’m going to cut two skates for 1 escape rope and a switch

I think that with dusknoir the best attacker is poliwhirl but I will probely change frozen city to lazer bank but if blastoise/rayquaza return frozen city is the better choice

raquazza is gone in the format so you have nothing to worry about

I meant emboar but yea unless extended lazers are probely the better play I’m getting all the cards I could possibly use in this deck and will post results when I can

I disagree with some of these posts, I would highly consider the still made 2/3 politoad/poliwrath idea as having more stage 2’s in your hand helps in not discarding cards to force an ultra ball early game, protection cube would go a long way, possibly 3 muscle band is fine, 4 is over kill and would clog your decks consistency, then again just working on having protection cube is fine enough as is.

Miltank is a high preforming card in this deck as it takes the pressure off of the poliwag lines as you run only 4, having all 4 out through out the game is tedious to achieve and sustain if you only utilize it as you main attacker, if your opponent gets a powerful bench presence, they can the go and deal 140+ turn after turn and then you would lose alot of steam and be forced to play your dusknoirs to save time to setup with no way to attack, miltank helps mitigate this problem.

With the looming problem of seismetoad/garbo people would rather play something to try and counter that matchup then take the autoloss with raindance.

I really like the no energy version but I’ll try to create a decklist for without
Pokemon 16
4 poliwag
3 poliwhirl
3 politoed
2 poliwrath
2 milktank
2 emolga

Supporters 13
3 professor sycamore
4 N
3 skyla
2 colress
1 lysandre

Items 25
3 ultra ball
4 htl
2 virbank
1 max potion
4 rare candies
1 town map
1 computer search
1 sacred ash
1 pal pad
3 muscle band
2 startiling megaphone
1 professors letter
1 escape rope

Energy 6
6 water

With energy I have to cut some consistency which is one thing this deck can’t really afford to lose I will test both versions and try to determine what matchups are favourable

I can tell that you are trying to hit for 1 hit ohkos using lasers and muscle bands for extra damage, if anything you were to go with your original idea of dusknoir it could easily add more consistency back into the deck as playing cards that help deal extra dmg like laserbank and muscle band are good lower consistency as well.

the biggest issue i see is garbodor/seismotoad. if the lock hits the field you will need energy in the deck to attack. miltank and lysandre may be your best bet to remove garbodor, but without muscleband, you wont get the ohko.
perhaps 2 mewtwo and a few dce to help this matchup. the politoeds evolutions can all use dce as well

I was testing a List using Glaceon for early pressure and also to power up Poliwhirl Finishing Blow.

Pokemon 18

4 poliwag
4 poliwhirl
3 politoed
3 Eevee FRF
2 Glaceon FRF
2 Miltank

Supporters 16

3 N
3 Shauna
3 colress
2 Skyla
2 professor sycamore
3 Pokemon Fan Club

Items 21

3 ultra ball
3 Evosoda
2 Sacred ash
2 pal pad
4 muscle band
2 startling Megaphone
2 professors letter
3 Switch

Energy 5
5 water

As stated before Garbodor is a big issue, but the idea behind this list is trying to stream poliwhirls and keep pressuring the opponent with big damage. the big issue is that all atackers are too frail, so taking early prices is necessary to win price trade.

Hi this is Archlord Zerkio and while i was at Nats this year i was able to build and test the new Japanese Rising fist Politoed Deck Here is my List~

This is for the Extended BW on format and with next format with some changes
Pokemon 21 -

4 Poliwag RF
4 Poliwhirl RF
4 Politoed RF
1 Duskull FLF
1 Dusklops FLF
1 Dusknoir BCR
1 Jirachi EX PLS

Trainers 25 -

2 Tropical Beach
2 Training Center
1 Radiant Gown
1 Maintenance
2 Startling Megaphone
1 Silver Bangle
1 Muscle Band
4 Sacred Ash
1 Pal Pad
1 Dowsing Machine
1 Escape Rope
4 Level Ball
4 Ultra Ball
4 Rare Candies

15 Supporters -

4 Juniper
3 N
3 Skyla
2 Battle Reporter
1 Colress
1 Lysandre


The Deck Runs on Politoed’s Ability of King’s Song which removes all colorless costs of all Poli Pokemon except Politoed. The deck is super consistant i set up about 30 times and got t2 Politoed with poliwhirl about 26 of the games.

The deck puts out quite a bit of damage with the +50 damage from Poliwhirl which being a non ex and a stage one you can get it out very easily and the risk is very low. When everything does get knocked out you have sacred ash for consistency once it is knocked out. I decided on a 4 - 4 - 4 - 1 line of Polis because you really only have the Poliwrath for spreading damage with Dusknoir. With Dusknoir you can spread the damage placed by the Poliwrath and force them to always promote something with damage for Poliwhirl. My favorite cards in the deck for consistency are the Battle Reporters with Beach, Pal Pads and the Maintenance. if you get a first turn beach and they do the same to end their turn you turn two battle reporter for 7. It doesn’t seem very good but there is no limit on how many you can draw which leads to some fun matches.

Again this deck for next format is very early in testing and i would love ideas for it!

Thanks a lot!

This list is weird. Battle Reporter is bad, and Tropical Beach and Level Ball are probably going to be rotated.
My own personal list for this runs Miltank because I needed another attacker and it was by far the most convenient.
3 Miltank FLF
4 Poliwag RIF
3 Poliwhirl RIF
2 Poliwrath RIF
3 Politoed RIF
1 Jirachi-EX PLB
2 Duskull FLF
2 Dusknoir PLB
4 Professor Sycamore
3 N
4 Korrina
2 Colress
1 Lysandre
2 Pokemon Fan Club
2 Bicycle
4 Ultra Ball
4 Rare Candy
2 Sacred Ash
2 Muscle Band
2 Switch
2 Startling Megaphone
1 Dowsing Machine

5 Water Energy
This list is probably going to see a lot of changes as I’ve played perhaps three games with it, but I like it and will be doing some experimentation.

Hi I real really appreciate the reply but I had a couple questions.

Why do you think battle reporter is bad. It makes the deck very consistent and helps with draw.

Why is there Korina if there are no fighting pokes in the deck.

I like the Miltank idea but my goal was to be energy less so you maximize the sacred ash potential

Also this deck is for extended while your list is for next format. I still have to make a next format one so thanks for the ideas

Battle Reporter is bad because it is dependent on your opponent. Hand sizes at the end of turns generally amount to about three. If you want to run something like that, run Bianca.
Korrina is for item search. I don’t believe you’re technically required to use the Fighting search.

What 5 cards could I cut in this new decklist it seems tight and I don’t want to risk it being inconsistent

Don your supporter line looks really weird have you tested it. No lysandre makes seismatoed/ garbodor impossible and hurts against all garbodor variants it’s also nice to lysandre anything that can’t attack or retreat to have a break especially if you include dusknoir glaceon sounds appealing but I would rather have emolga/dedene as a starter to set up everything else let me know how your version operates though

Did we ever get a ruling if Politoed can attack for free using Celebi-EX’s Time Recall?

Politoed cannot attack for free, but it can use the attacks of Poliwag and Poliwhirl for free if one of those Pokemon are under Politoed.

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