Pokemon World Championships 2016 info found on San Francisco Moscone Center website

World Championship San Francisco 2016 info found on San Francisco Moscone Center website

Check it out here


2016 Pokemon World Championships
Pokemon Company International, Inc.
Aug 15, 2016 - Aug 22, 2016
Venue Type: Hotel


Absolutely fantastic find.

With that said, it leads me to believe it’s not at Moscone Center but a hotel.

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Exactly. likely at one of the surrounding hotels

Intel has their Developers Conference Aug 16-18 at Mascone as well and if I remember that is a HUGE event so likely Pokemon is not at the convention center itself… BUT Moscone is a big place and Intel is during the week so maybe… I would prefer it to be at the actual convention center

I would completely agree that Moscone would be preferable. However, it’s not on Moscone Center’s official site so I’m thinking elsewhere.

The 5 hotels in SF with 50k+ square feet of meeting room space:
Hilton SF Union Square
Marriott SF Marquis
The Scarlet Huntington
Hyatt Regency SF
The Westin St. Francis

My money would be on one of these.

Amazing find! Good on you!

Good call on the hotels!!!

Marriott Marquis has a Pokemon Group Block listed for those dates!

They have a 117,000 square feet of meeting space and hotel rooms blocked under Pokemon…
That’s it!! The hotel is really nice looking should be a great place for Worlds.


I can’t help but notice that whatever venue Worlds will be at is being rented or so for 7 days; a full week! Is that part of the special twist on this year’s worlds, or do they also need time to set up the chairs and the streaming things and whatnot and then pack it away and stuff?

Im sure its just setup time

Pokemon puts on a top tier show for Worlds. The stage, lighting, audio and video production work that goes into a large scale event like this take days.

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Yeah, that’s what I thought.

I don’t think words can express my appreciation of this bit of detective work. So I just say “Thank you.”

@Adam: let’s knight this fellow.

I was going to express my gratitude earlier today when I saw the announcement, but I was just flooded with different thoughts and couldn’t collect myself. I was thinking things like:

Why do we have to act like private detectives in order to schedule cross-country trips 8 months out? That require airfare, hotel arrangements, time off from work scheduled, etc?

How much longer would they have waited before making this public knowledge public?

How long has this public knowledge been laying out there for the right industrious person to track it down? Could I have been planning this two months ago?

Will someone at Pokémon be pissed that the information is now widely accessible?

Why would they schedule Worlds concurrent to a major convention so as to ensure premium hotel rates in one of the country’s most expensive cities?

If I see you there @Georgenorth, first drink is on me!