Pokémon Trading Card Game Online Thread?


Is there a thread for the PTCGO yet? How about trading for the PTCGO, or would that just go under the regular market place stuff? If it does belong under the Market Place heading, does one need to bother with as much personal information?


I’m pretty sure that Adam has said that he doesn’t want PTCGO trading threads, since it would just clutter things up when the PTCGO’s trading system itself works fine (No counteroffer function though :angry: )


Too bad, I needed some general help on the matter. Most of the PTCGO trades I see make very little sense. I am sure it will eventually, but I was hoping to learn the basics of trading sooner rather than later. Some of it might be that as I haven’t been trading cards IRL for some six years, old guidelines no longer apply. My Google Fu failed to turn up solid information on modern rarities and pack ratios, let alone how such things might vary on the PTCGO e.g. a card might be more popular there than in real life and thus trades for “more”.

Also I find the trading system in the PTCGO itself to be a bit… confusing as well.


I could help you if you found anything confusing. There are a lot of different values on the PTCGO, so it would be confusing. (On two seperate occasions, I got the 2013 worlds promo for a single XY booster!)


I’m not sure how I feel about using the market category for PTCGO trading. Maybe? @KPiplup any thoughts?

I’m not vested in PTCGO so I don’t know how the trading system on there works, but I’m not seeing how there is a need for an external area to doing trades on there.


I mean, maybe have one thread overall for PTCGO trades if people realllyyy think there’s a need. Have it be “oh, I need X have Y, anyone willing to make a trade?” Dedicated lists of cards/trade threads for PTCGO is probably unnecesary. I will agree that the trading system on PTCGO is subpar, but they do have their own forums for a reason.


@Otaku Feel free to add me in game, hypnotoxic is my screen name there also. I haven’t been trading for about a month (got burnt out on it for now), but I used to set up hundreds of public trades every day.

One thing you should know about online values straight away is they have little to nothing to do with IRL values. The online supply and demand is different, and people use unopened packs as currency.

Because prices can change quickly at times I’ll refrain from giving any specific card values. If you add me in game I can help you with specific prices.


@Adam There really isn’t a use for an external trading thread here. That’s pretty well covered on the official forums. However, a thread for online trading advice and price speculation may not be a bad idea.


That sounds reasonable to me, feel free to start one in the “other” category if you want!