Pokemon TCG for LackeyCCG - Roaring Skies added! (New link)


I have updated the Pokemon TCG plugin for LackeyCCG with the latest set ‘Roaring Skies’.

Important: I am no longer supporting different versions (high/medium) and will only be updating via this NEW link:

There are currently no Roaring Skies set images and probably won’t be until it’s official release (sorry I cannot use watermarked scans). You can however use your own images for now, but make sure to delete them upon official release so the plugin will download the HQ ones. To do this rename your images in the following format (RSK_001, RSK_002 etc.) and place them into the following directory: plugins\pokemon\sets\setimages\RSK


Edit: Thanks to PokeBeach & WPM for releasing the set scans and making this early update possible :slight_smile:

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