Pokemon sun moon prerelease decks


Sorry this is posted a little late but it’s fine. I and 3 other people went to the sm prerelease. These are the decks we used as well as how well they placed.

Lunar terror

1 espeon gx
2 eevee
3 cosmog
3 cosmoem
2 lunala gx
1 solgaleo gx
2 rare candy
2 professor kukui
2pokemon catcher
2 timer bAll
1 nest ball
1 exp share
1 great ball
1 crushing hammer
1 lillie
1 ultra ball
3 rainbow energy
1 dc energy
10 psychic energy

This is the deck I used and it ended up winning. I was extremely lucky with my pulls. The deck did well. The two threats for it were a espeon gx deck and a lunala one.

lightning creates forest fires
that is literally the name of the deck my friend piloted to 2nd place here is the list

1 decidueye gx
1 dartrix
1 rowlet
1 vikavolt
1 charjabug
1 grubbin
1 pinsir
2 dratini
2 dragonair
2 dragonite

1 professor kukui
2 team skull grunt
1 llima
1 hau
1 crushing hammer
2 big malasada
2 lillie
1 timer ball
1 pokemon catcher
1 repel
1 exp share
1 energy switch
1 pokeball

5 electric energy
6 grass energy

he probably shouldve had more energy but it worked for him.Remember feel free to comment on any of these decks

The fighting whale
im pretty sure lapras is not a whale this deck placed 5th

1 lapras gx
1 sandygast
1 palossand
1 dewpider
1 araquanid
1 crabrawler
1 poplio
1 brionne
1 primarina
1 crabominable
4 passimian
1 lillipup
1 herdier
1 kangaskhan
1 psyduck
1 golduck

1 switch
1 llima
1 energy switch
1 team skull grunt
1 energy retrieval

7 fighting energy
8 water energy

And finally the deck that placed 12th is really bad but this was his first tourney

Speed is key
1 alolan ratatta
1 alolan raticate
1 litten
1 torracat
1 incineroar
1 toarkoal
1 pikipek
1 trumbeak
1 toucannon
1 stufful
1 bewear
1 arcanine
1 growlithe
1 alolan diglett
1 alolan dugtrio
1 alolan persian
1 alolan meowth
1 spearow
1 fearow
1 lillipup
1 herdier
1 stoutland
1 carvanha
1 sharpedo
(a lot of pokemon, he probably shouldve widened some lines and removed others altogether)
1 poison barb
1 rotom dex

7 fire energy
6 dark energy

Other decks that did well was a incineroar gx a tauros/lurantis a lurantis and a few others. But these are the decks me and my group piloted to victory or failure. Feel free to suggest and discuss ideas for sm1. This is basically a thread for sm1 prerelease experiences. So post you decks you used matches you played and all things sun and moon prerelease. Bunnyrich123 signing off.


Prerelease aren’t relevant to competitive play, and usually nobody cares that much about how you do at a prerelease, but it’s more for having fun. Generally, a deck you might play at a prerelease isn’t worth posting, and definitely not creating a thread for on sixprizes. Once I won a prerelease with a deck that played Lugia EX and 39 energies, that’s when I realized that decks don’t have to be good to win a prerelease.