Pokemon PTCGO SM2 Tournament

Pokemon Trading Card Game Online Tournament! Cash Prizes, Guardians Rising Legal!

Format: Standard

Entry Fee: $5

Tournament Format: Swiss best of 3, Top 8 Cut

Players will be allowed to switch decks between rounds, BUT NOT MID MATCH.

See below for rules details.

Dates: Registration Ends 5/10

All rounds and registration end at 11:59 PM

Pairings will be posted in Facebook Group the day after registration or prior round ends.

Round 1 Ends: 5/15

Round 2: 5/20

Round 3: 5/25

Round 4: 5/30

Round 5: 6/4

Round 6: 6/9

Round 7: 6/14

Round 8: 6/19

Round 9: 6/24

Round 10: 6/29

Number of Swiss Rounds and Prizes:

6-32 Players: 5 rounds

1st: $21

2nd: $16

3rd-4th: $11

5th-8th: $5

33-64 Players: 6 Rounds

1st: $42

2nd: $32

3rd-4th: $22

5th-8th: $10

65-128 Players: 7 Rounds

1st: $84

2nd: $64

3rd-4th: $44

5th-8th: $20

129 + Players: 8

1st: $168

2nd: $124

3rd-4th: $88

5th-8th: $40


Please let me know your PTCGO name.

Once you have contacted me I will send you my paypal into and you will be signed up.


Players will be allowed to switch decks between rounds but NOT MID MATCH.

Each player will email me there decklist before that weeks round. If you suspect your opponent of cheating between games by switching decks, take a screenshot and email me.

Tournament will be best of 3, the prior game’s loser will choose either first or second for game 2 and 3.

Email me if you have any questions at RudderbumTCG@gmail.com

Canyon M Reynolds

I doubt nearly enough people on sixprizes will want to pay for an online tournammet.

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@lunaloutre these things have never finished historically

true only in real life would i pay