Pokemon Highlander


So I was thinking of a possible new format, somewhere between casual and competitive but who knows, in similar vain to the different variants of Highlander in MTG (Canadian Highlander and Commander being the biggest). For those unaware of how highlander works is it’s an eternal format, so all cards from PTCG’s history would be legal at the start, decks can only contain one of each card save basics, and in MTG’s Canadian Highlander, normal game length (Commander/EDH uses double life, but there are multiple issues with modeling off that format). Players then play 1-v-1 games like normal.

This is where I start to diverge Pokemon Highlander from its MTG counterpart:
*Due to how PTCG works, cards are only considered duplicates (and thus only 1 is allowed) if they have 100% same rules text. Thus Next Destinies Mewtwo EX and Breakthrough Mewtwo EX could be in the same deck since their rules text is different. Pre-evolutions would have to be varied for any sort of line, but no one really cares for those anyway. It also means a deck could have any combination of the discard hand, draw 7 trainers, so long as they have different names. How exact reprints from before the time of Supporter (Bill for example) are to be handled has yet to be determined.
*Games would be standard 6 prizes and normal EX/GX rules, with current first turn rules.

So what do you all think of this more casual format? I really want to try it and get a group together to play. Would you put together a deck around a particular engine, or just a general good stuff, knowing card draw is a little more limited?


It pretty much already exists in U-150.


What’s that? I’ve never heard of it… (Curse this forum’s character minimum…)


Here are rules:

You use a 100 card singleton deck.
Basic with more than 150 HP are banned, Holos from BW-on and Prime Cards give 2 prize cards, unless they have 80 HP or less.
To play a game, you draw 15 cards. Choose 7 to become your hand and the remaining 8 become your prize cards.

For more info: http://pokemon150.webs.com/advancederratabans.htm