Playtesting on PTCGO


LF people to do some testing, mostly on PTCGO


I can play sometime. Usually from 9-10 PM EST, busy earlier on the weekends.


If you’re not picky, you can add me. My PTCGO screen name is “Otakutron”. Of course, I’m not a great player and my decks can be eclectic (or just not well built >.>). Right now is a busy time of year, so I’m on when I’m on and usually just for the daily bonuses, but possibly even as early as next weekend, I might be up for more.


I can test. My only good decks are bulky yveltal and donphan, and my screen name is bluezune. I’m usually free 8 pm -10pm California time. Depending on where you live, that might be a little late. Sometimes I might be on a little earlier, but about 8 is my normal time.


I can test with ViriGen.Aromatisse and ToadGarb. I’m from the UK so im on GMT time but feel free add me and message if you want a game.
IGN: ii_defy


I have a variety of decks on PTCGO but I can’t call myself an experienced player, if anyone would like to play me, PM me and find me @ BoysArbokintown. I’m not on a lot but I’m available everyday.


I will add you all when I get online. @Gelato @nerfedkill what are your screen names?


I’m Ninjaotter2499. I can use Yveltal, Seismitoad, Pyroar, and random fun decks when I’m bored sometimes.


My in game name is : ii_defy


Added you all. Screen name is Egoist135898


Hey man,
i’m currently playtesting for the upcoming European Challenge Cup, mainly
playing M-Manectric variants,Yveltal variants, and Flareon. I’d like to think of myself as a pretty solid player, having participated in the world championships in Vancouver. I’m looking for some strong players to play with myself too. If anyone’s interested, please add me: ImpactNL.


What about less strong opponents? XD

Kidding aside, there are several levels of players and perhaps you are at a level where it doesn’t matter, but my own experience is that surprisingly, you need to practice against all types because you’ll face them at tournaments (usually in the first two rounds) and a few of the things you’d do against better opponents can actually backfire!


@Otaku are you on PTCGO right now?


Nope; if I was you’d see me under the screen name I gave earlier. Until December 31st I’ll only be one long enough for my daily log in bonuses. In a few minutes I’ll be trying to write my CotDs for the week, plus my [Basic] Advantage of the Week over on the SJGames GURPS forum. That is if I don’t get called to do some real work, or catch up on some cleaning I’ve been neglecting, or take advantage of having my nephew’s copy of Lego Batman 2 for another 24 hours. >.>


I know :slight_smile:
I don’t really mind who i’m playing with, as long as i’m having fun.
I just said that because someone posted earlier he was a bit worried about not being the strongest player. It was merely meant as an indication what i think is my skill level. As long as you’re not someone playing a Diggersby/ Medicham deck or something of the sort i would love to play some games together. I just slightly prefer someone my own level or better so i can grow faster and my test results are more reliable. Also, please excuse my english, as i’m still learning.


I simply dont find people with competitive decks to play against :frowning:
If you wanna playtest add me: imtheblastoise


I am free all day… i have no life!


Post your screen names here:
I want some competitive decks to play against.
Everyone who I meet blows.


Add me
what is ur nick?: