PlayTCG Thread - Who wants to Battle?

This is the new thread for the website PlayTCG. For those who don’t know, it is an online simulator that allows you to use decks you have created on another website called BebesSearch and play against other opponents, either randomly or through linked battles.

Please use this thread to:
-Post links to games for other users to join.
-Let people know if the site is down or if their are bugs

Thank you!

May I recommend as an alternative? :smile:

It works better than PlayTCG in my opinion, which is why I created the Pokemon plugin for it. It allows for spectators, has booster pack simulation and high quality images. To play against someone online, once installed, simply click Connect to the game matching server on the Server tab and host a game.

That looks cool. I may have to try it out. But currently PlayTCG is more well known in the community (other then PTCGO) so there are a lot more people to play against.

Yeah, you’re not wrong :slight_smile: Give it a try and if you like it spread the word!

anyone want to play a match let me know

do you want to play a match now?

I’m looking for people to test with tomorrow and Friday for the format NXD-FUF. I should be open any time those two days, so just shoot me a PM if you are interested in helping me test.

May I ask why you want to test that format?

A nearby league is having a win-a-box tournament that is being played in that format. Normally I’d just hop on PlayTCG and test, but because everyone is playing BCR-on (as they should be) I figured I’d ask here because it is more of a special request.

Looking for a match or two right now. BCR-on. Doing some tweaking.

I’m online and would love to test with you.

looking to playtest Magmortar/Electivire! let me know if your down!

I’ll play. Need to test Tyrantrum anyways.

I would like to test aegislash. Can anyone play?

I’m online and ready to play. The password for the battle is Phoenix15 (just so random people can’t join).

Hey guys! Ya’ll should get on PlayTCG and help me play test for regionals! I need to play against meta decks.

Wanna play a few games.

Would like to test against several different decks.

In. I can supply Banette ROS and rayMin, mostly.

I’d love to play you. Link is there.