PlayTCG 8-Man Tournament -- Round 1 Results Due May 16th at 8:00 PM PST

I know, such an original name. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, just to test out the BBS site and see how things go, I’m gonna run a little 8-man event. No need to turn in decklists, as I will be playing (why not?).


  1. @pp101
  2. @nerdballer
  3. @Tsunami
  4. @Oshawaterbottle
  5. @Ivysaurman
  6. @public_toilet
  7. @troller100
  8. @Ziggmiceter

Good luck!


Sure, why not.
My name is “nerdballer” on there.

I’ll join
@pp101 can you PM me on the old forums, I would like to discuss our game in oshawaterbottle’s tourney

@Nerdballer I just wanna make sure that you know this is PlayTCG, not PTCGO. Still signed ya up, though. :smiley:

Right, I think that the username that I am registered with on BebesSearch/PlayTCG is Razputin*, derived from the email that I gave them. Not 100% certain, and i guess it isn’t necessary, but doesn’t hurt to give extra info. :smile:

Edit: Just checked the username in a solitaire game.

I’ll play if this is FlashFire.

If FlashFire is released on BebesSearch by the time this tournament starts, sure.

Well i guess i will play Yaaay Tournaments.

I’d like to join, thanks!

I’m in, been so long since I have done a tourney on here

I will be in it. Why 20 characters?

I’ll join! will the official tournaments be run here from now on?

Do you still want to play now that Flashfire is on PlayTCG? You’ll get priority for the last spot over @infernaperocks since you asked first (sorry, infernape!).

its fine, just let me know!

What format will the tournament be in?

I would like to play, as implied by my post.

Also, sign me up please!

@Frosty79x The sign-ups are actually full now that Zigg has confirmed his /in. Sorry!

So yeah, NXD-FLF, just 3 single game rounds, maybe a Top 2 if you guys are up for it. Just want to give the new BBS site a try. :smiley:

Round 1 Pairings:

  1. @pp101 (0-0) vs. @Ziggmiceter (0-0)
  2. @nerdballer (0-0) vs. @troller100 (0-0)
  3. @Tsunami (0-0) vs. @public_toilet (0-0)
  4. @Frosty79x (0-0) vs. @infernaperocks (0-0)

Round 1 Results Are Due Sunday, May 11th at 8:00 PM PST.

Good luck!

I kind of have to drop out, as some unexpected family issues have arisen. Sorry :frowning: (but, now Frosty79x can join, so that’s a thing. ;))

Actually, @infernaperocks joined before Frosty did, so he’ll get that spot. Sorry to hear about the issues, though. Hopefully everything works out!

Also, would you like me to drop you from WW8 on the other forums, or no?