Play PlayTCG With Me Using Unlimited Decks Or DP Decks

No one seems to want to play against me and my older decks, are they scared of them? Quite possibly. However with no one to play with it has become tiresome and a little lonely, so I was wondering if any of you kind people would want to play decks in an unlimited format or in older formats.

Regarding a DP deck, what is the cutoff for the latest expansion allowed? I would love to familiarize myself with the DP era; I didn’t keep up with the game very much between 2005 and late 2013, but I do remember cards like Uxie and Claydol being staples around 2007, and I’ve slowly learned about cards like Luxray GL Lv. X as I’ve gotten back into the game lately.

I would like to play an extedned format from the start of DP to the End of DP. That would be fun

If we did DP-UL [Diamond and pearl to HGSS Unleashed] I’d play.

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Unlimited would be cool. Id play then.