Philadelphia Regionals 2016

I’m making this thread now because this should be said loudly:

You must print off the piece of paper that has a barcode on it. Must.

You may have heard about a little thing that happened in AZ this weekend. No word on $5 pieces of paper, but this is the same system again.


Thanks for the heads up, fam.

Can’t wait to drive 6 hours to lose :slight_smile:


Good luck to those who have night March as their only expanded deck​:laughing::joy::sweat_smile:


I’ll (probably) be there. It’s been like a year though since my last tournament so I’m gonna suck. xD

Do you think that Karen will really keep night march from being played?
Or do you think that most people won’t play Karen because they don’t think night march will be a threat because Karen is playable?
It’s a conundrum.

There are options:

  1. Do you play Karen to beat night march (which won’t be played because of the threat of Karen in the first place?)
  2. do you not play Karen because night march won’t show up because of Karen, and you don’t want to waste a spot on a counter to a deck that won’t be played?
  3. do you actually play night march because most people won’t waste the spot for Karen, and nobody will play it because they assume everyone else will play it?

What do you all think?
I’m starting to think maybe night march has a chance…

Or maybe I’ve muddled my judgement with all my thinking in circles…

With the release of Karen, mega Ray becomes much better as it eliminates a poor matchup in night March as well as helps the deck function better. It thrives in this format where it can take down all its good matchups without needing to worry about night March. Therefore I am predicting night March will see less play.

@PerkyPancham, I’m sure that if people are actually able to play night March as they have Shaymins/vs seekers, they’ll be able to play things other than night March.

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Thanks for the heads up! If they try charging I will be letting people print from my portable printer.


Any word on a good hotel to book? Is there one attached to the center? Also is there a pokemon and or military discount? Thanks

As far as I remember there aren’t any attached to the center directly, but don’t quote me on that. I would also book your hotel sooner rather than later. I was checking them out today and most of the hotels within walking distance (<1.5 miles) that are still available want to charge like $175+ per night or will limit you to 1 night. You can find better rates outside the city but then you have to pay for parking ($32-ish per day). I’m going to do some more snooping right now to see if I can find a good hotel… xD

Im signing up tomorrow, I have HHonors so hopefully it isnt too bad. I wonder if any hotels have a ‘call and ask about pokemon discount’ thing like va did

Hilton Garden Inn, Philadelphia Center City
1100 Arch Street
Evolution Standard Room (2 full sized beds (doubles) or 1 King) - $139 per night +15.5% room tax
Event name: Pokemon Regional Championships
To make a reservation call 1-877-782-9444 (that is a central reservation #). Tell them you want to book at the Hilton Garden Inn Philadelphia Center City. Booking code is POK or tell them it is for the Pokemon Regionals. There are rooms reserved in the block for Friday (Nov 4) and/or Saturday (Nov 5).
(all reservations must be guaranteed with a major credit card)
The room block will be held until Oct 4, 2016 after which rooms may no longer be available at this group rate.

Might be too late now but you could still try.


Just got off the phone with Hilton and I can confirm that the coupon has expired. They’ll also try to push for you to sign up for a hotel stay on the spot anyways (being the sales people that they are) but I was able to milk them for some information without committing to anything. :stuck_out_tongue:

Starts at $151 per night and is about 3 miles from the convention. It’s the best one I could find within 5 miles for less than a billion dollars. :frowning:

Try AirBnB. I booked on there 2 weeks ago for Fri & Sat night, less than $200 total.

I’m late to the party, but Hilton sucks. Wouldn’t honor the price on the 4th and quoted me one 50 bucks higher. I said I would call them back and in about 15 minutes it had gone up another 50. Buncha crooks. Luckily, I’m local-ish and have some friends in Philly that will let me stay on their couch.

Is there a stream tomorrow?

I haven’t heard anything. I’m doubting it.

Good luck to all in Philly today!

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No stream. We will see how far Toad Bats takes me…

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I’ll be there this afternoon to cheer you on. :frog::sparkles:


2-0-1 right now comming into lunch.

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