Phantom Forces Ruling Discussion

Goodra vs Pokemon Tool F

Megaphone & Tool Retriever vs Pokemon Tool F

Dialga EX vs G-Booster

Mew EX & Dimension Valley

Jamming Net vs Snipers (Night Spear, Hammerhead ect)

Also just to clarify. Any card (barring Goodra) that specifies Pokemon Tools also specifies Pokemon Tool F


Cool, nice to have it all in one place, thanks! Just as an FYI, Goodra includes all tools. It just so happens that F Tools cant be attached to your own Pokemon.

Jamming Net -

If Lucario has Flare Ringer on him and 2 Strong Energy.

He can only use Missile Jab and does he do 50 or 70 damage since the Ringer negates an energy?

It doesn’t negate energy. It adds an energy cost.

Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but I do believe that Lucario EX can only use Missle Jab in that situation and the dmg is still 70, because:

Yup. #20charactersshhz

Notice that the one most people clicked on wasn’t answered. I am really happy about the Dialga ruling

Few more I have been watching:

Also found this interesting:

The part about not having a weakness means you still have no weakness, even if they use Trick Sticker.

If, in both active spots (your and opponents) there is a Mega Gengar EX, and you use it’s attack, can you copy your oponent’s M Gengar’s attack, and then copy one of your own pokemon’s attacks?

Sort of an impossible scenario, but a unmet question I came up with

No because you perform the attack, not your opponent.

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Yup. Basically your view on the game never changes. So even though you’re using your opponent’s M Gengar EX, the attack still comes from your point of view, so your opponent is still your opponent. Nice idea though!

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In case anybody was wondering they answered the Mew EX & Dimension Valley question, on 11/21/2014…

What was the answer? I never heard

It’s the fourth link of the original post above.

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Mew EX and Dimension Valley
Does Mew EX’s Versatile ability work with Dimension Valley in these two scenarios?

Assuming Mew EX is active and Dimension Valley is in play:

  1. If Mewtwo EX is on the bench, can Mew EX use X-Ball for one colorless energy just as if Mewtwo EX could?

  2. If Yveltal EX is on the bench, can Mew EX use Evil Ball for one dark energy?


Q, When Dimension Valley is in play, if Mew EX uses its “Versatile” Ability to copy an attack from another Pokemon, will the attack’s Energy cost be reduced by ©?
A. Yes. (Nov 13, 2014 TPCi Rules Team)

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can some one use mewEX versatility on a mewtwo to reduce 2 energies with dimension valley or is it just one

I’m still confused on the ruling

Mew-EX’s attacks cost only one Colorless Energy less in this case because the effect of Dimension Valley applies to Mew-EX only:

An attack that copies another Pokemon’s attack can only copy attacks printed on that Pokemon, not other attacks that the Pokemon may use due to Poke-POWERs, Poke-BODYs, Stadiums, etc. (with the exception of Lv.X Pokemon since they are considered “extensions” of the original Pokemon). (Apr 17, 2008 PUI Rules Team)