PerkyPancham's 2016-2017 Season! (84/500)


Hi everybody, this is my first year in seniors, and this is my season report! So, here I go…

Toronto, ON League Challenge 10/10 (Standard) with Yveltal/Mew
R1: Thomas D.-Yanmega/Vespiquen - W
He dead drew the entire game, and I got a knockout every turn. After that thought I was going to do real hot.
R2: Derrick X. - Xerneas/Giratina - L
We both started Shaymin, and we both dead drew. He got a few knockouts, and I got like 2. But while we were both dead drawing, we just talked half the time and had fun.
R3: Adam O. - M Mewtwo/Garb - L
I was running real hot throughout the game while he wasn’t drawing too well. But in amazing draws, the game tied up to be 1 prize to 1 prize. I had a Lysandre for a Garb next turn, but he top decked Lysandre too and brought up Fright Night for the game.

R4: Got a bye, and my Dad and brother wanted to leave, so I dropped, picked up my pack and promo energy (which are totally lit) and walked out with salt because I was trying to trade for Zygrade Ex’s for a deck, and I needed two, and got super annoyed when I got one promo and one set version.
Don’t know what place, +0 CP

Oakville ON. League Challenge 10/17 (Expanded) with Maxie’s/Dark

R1: Denver - M Steelix/Yanmega/Magearna? - W
This matchup was fairly straightforward, because I kept up Lysandreing his Steelix EX and M Steelix with a ton of energy and obliterated them with Evil Ball.

R2: ??? - Entei/Charizard - L
I dead drew, and he got a turn one KO on my Yveltal-EX. SALT SALT SALT

R3: Kiernan - Grass/Psychic?? - W
I won in two turns KOing an Eevee and a Leafeon.
3rd, +10 CP.

Oakville ON. League Challenge 11/19 (Expanded) with Maxie’s/Dark

R1: ??? - Turbo Dark - W
He dead drew that game, so I took a win there.

R2: Denver - M Steelix/Yanmega/Magearna? - W
He started Magearna, and I kept taking knockout after knockout while he got a good knockout on a Fright Night with Magearna EX.

R3: ??? - Beedrill/Gengar/Poison - W
He ran only EX’s, so Fright Night was the winning factor taking all six prizes in 3 turns.
1st, +15 CP (And a reverse Magikarp!)

I will post again soon, because I have a League Cup around Toronto that I’m going to, and hope to see a few of you guys there1


League Cups. Yay.
Mississauga, standard, played Yveltal/Garb on 1/14
R1:Gerardo M. (sorry probably axed your name) With greninja - L
Dead draws just aren’t fun.
R2:Katie H. with Rainbow Road - L
I had the best start, but she stalled with carbink until she got a Xerneas going and started whacking me, but part of it was me just playing rusty and not getting Garb out until late game.
R3:Jackson D. with Turbo Dark - L (I know I’m trash lol)
Dead draws for dayzzzzz. Or maybe I was distracted by my hot dog.
0-3-0 (what? Aren’t league cups supposed to be easy?)
R4: ??? With power deck - W
Kind of out sped him and he didn’t get any damage on the board at all and I kept flare grunt-ing him
R5: ??? With gyrados ex hoopa Palkia thing: W
Gyrados has such a high attack cost so I kinda smacked back and forth.
2-3-0, +0cp
Moral of story: I seriously hate BO1 tourneys.


Updated with LC: ran Vespiquen Zebras with passimian for dark
League challenge 2/18 Oakville, ON
R1: Rowan S with turbo dark L
I went into this tourney with the mindset of “I might actually win!”. Then I got paired against Rowan. And I prized two passimian AND I ran out of DCE. I hate my life.

R2: Cian with Yveltal/Garb/Tauros W
Easy win with zebraaaas. Just zebraaas for dayz.
R3: Harrison with lurantis l
This match I had a good start but over extended my resources and dekt out :frowning:
:expressionless: 1-2 scrub a dub dub in that scrubalicious bathtub
Never released final standings, but I know I got no cp.


For the record, passimian in Vespiquen does not help the dark matchup


Why? It helps in the umbreon matchup and against non fighting fury belted darkrai exes.


first off, I should probably say that when I mean dark I mean turbo dark/any thing with darkrai bkp as an attacker so sorry about that

if you cant OHKO fury belted darkrais with a fighting pokemon that needs 3/5 of your bench to be specific pokemon as well as a precious dce, then it isn’t worth playing as vepiquen easily two shots darkrai/one shots in the late game on its own


updated with LC played yveltal garb in a town called Oakville.
R1 passimian - w
It’s yveltal. pretty much a mid game sweep.
R2 volc. - l
Couldn’t get garb out. I can’t play this deck I lost to volc lol.
R3 Dark Tina - w
Pretty close game but sniped for four prizes near the end with fright night.

2-1 2nd, +12 cp


Cup with Yveltal Garb again.
R1 Mirror - L
I took a 4 prize Pitch black spear on like turn 4 and he kept n-ing me to bad hands. he almost decked out but then lysandred and I couldnt do anything.
Every cup I’ve been to Ive faced him R1
R2 Greninja w
he didnt start talonflame and I kinda swept in 4 turns.
R3 Vespi/Zebraaaas w
She prized a zebstrika and discarded a blitzle turn one, and she took only two prizes. I had two prizes left and all she had was a mew and a shaymin, and sky returned to the shaymin. Top decked dce and won.
R4 Volc tie
offered the ID and he accepted. I was uppaired to a masters and he did it in return for me lending a salamence ex.

top 4 Gardy
Gardy’s a hard matchup, and tbh I wish I didnt ID because I would’ve still made cut if I lost and if I lost I wouldve played either the first round Yveltal I lost to or a volcanion, but whatever. I think Gardy won for senoirs because the Yveltal won against Volcanion, and Gardy and Yveltal were in finals and Gardy has a strong matchup but still.
top 4, +30 cp


Why did you ID against Volcanion? Yveltal Garb should be able to beat Volcanion, if you can get Garb out quick enough.


I didn’t really care tbh I just wanted to get into cut. I still would’ve faced Gardy so it didn’t matter


Forgot, the other Yveltal ended up winning.


Toronto Regionals
Maxie’s Yveltal
R1- Carbink/Landorus/Fighting -LL
R2- Dark -LL
R3- Decidueye -WLW
R4- Night March -LL
R5- Volc -WLT
R6- Lurantis -WW
R7- Turbo Dark -WLT
When you play Yveltal against anti-Yveltal :unamused:RIP
End me now


Ouch! Great to meet you this weekend :slight_smile:


League Challenge today with Vespiquen
R1 Darkrai/Dragonair- I Trade really well and get a turn one KO - w

R2 Trev Garb dead drew and Drampa screwed me up - l

R3 Decidueye Plume bad MU, but he started with mew (?) and I never saw a rowlet or oddish hit the board.
2nd, +12 cp