Pennsylvania Regional Championships Oct 10-11

To some, this may be considered a little late. But it’s better now than never.
The only regional in the U.S. that weekend, so many players expected.

Lancaster Host Resort and Conference Center - Lampeter Exhibit Hall
2300 Lincoln Highway East, Lancaster PA 17602, (717) 299-5500

Registration: You can pre-register online or register at the site the morning of the event.
You may Pre-register for the event online up to the Friday before the event. We do encourage pre-registration as this will speed the registration process. All players who pre-register are guaranteed to receive a custom Regional dice (that is our way of thanking you for pre-registering). If you want to use a credit card to pay, please pre-register. Only Cash is accepted for on-site registration.

On site Registration: Lampeter Exhibit Hall Registration will be 8:00am to 9:00am. players meeting at 9:30am (Please be in line to register by 9:00am )
Pre-Registration: on-line Pre-registration for this event is now available on-line. You will be able to pre-register and print out a entry ticket. This will avoid the need to wait in line. Pre-registration can be used by Juniors, Seniors, and Masters. To pre-register you will need your POP id and a valid email. Everyone who pre-registers for the TCG Regionals will receive a special custom Regional dice. Please be sure to print out your pre-registration ticket and bring it with you to the event. This will be a great help to us in getting the event started on time.
The pre-registration link is

Entry Fees & Play Mats:

Juniors & Seniors:
Entry is Free
Juniors & Seniors will have the option to purchase a Premium Play Mat Package that will include one of the Regional themed Play Mats. To purchase a Premium Play Mat for a Junior or Senior go to The process of paying for a Play Mat will look like you are pre-registering for another event. That is fine. We are treating a Play Mat order as a separate event.

Entry is $20
The first 400 Masters will receive a Regional themed Play Mat at the event for no additional cost (note: we had 358 Masters last year, so we should have play mats for all Masters) . Preregistered players will have a Play Mat reserved for them. (Another good reason to pre-register). There are two different themed Play Mats with the Play Mat received being randomly determined. Pictures of the Play Mats will be posted as soon as soon as we receive them from Pokemon.

Event Schedule:
Friday, October 9:
Open-Play rooms open at 6:00, and vendors will be avaliable
Saturday, October 10:
Main Swiss rounds for all divisions
Sunday, October 11:
Top 8 for JR/SR, Top 32 Swiss and Top 8 for Masters, League Challenges

League Challenge info:
Expanded Format:
Registration from 9-9:50, play starts at 10.
Entry fee is $5

Standard Format:
Registration from 12-12:50, play starts at 1.
Entry fee is $5

Reference goes to Pokè, and the Philadelphia Pokèmon Site.

I will be going.
I cannot find Vendor info. If anyone is able to find out, as well as any other useful information about the event, please post it here.


I already pregistered a few weeks ago, but I had no idea that I got a free mat for it as well! The only thing I would say is that the tournament is actually in Lancaster, not Philadelphia. Either way though it’s going to be a blast and I an’t wait until we drive down there on Friday! :slight_smile:

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Unless something happens at work, I will be there.

Not sure if I will be there Friday for open gaming. If so, it will be after work and I will be the old dude wearing a suit.

On Saturday, I will be the old dude wearing the “Well Played” T.

So please stop me and say “Hello.”

Who knows if I will be there Sunday.

The vendor is Alternate Universes, and they are paying $10 per pound of bulk.


So apparently I’m going again?
Anyone else going? :open_mouth:Hope to meet a lot of you guys and gals there.

Patrick, if you happen to hear what does well in Juniors (making the assumption that your son is participating - apologies if I’m being presumptive!!) do you mind sharing which decks do well? Trying to mad cram with my daughter for ft Wayne the following weekend!

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Of course. I will update whatever I can.

If anyone else is curious about something from the event let me know so I can report it (if possible).

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That would be awesome! Trying to come up w/ what to test w/ for my main testing partner has been really hard w/ the lack of information from week 1 regionals.

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I’ll be there tonight. I’ll be the blonde kid in a gray shirt with my green M Rayquaza mat that has Xtreme Fate on the side. Come up and talk to me, I need testing!

Good luck to you guys, hope you make top cut.

I’ll be there! I’ll be wearing navy blue pants and some sort of button down shirt (color tbd), and I have long-ish brown hair. Feel free to say hi if you see me!

455 Masters

121 Seniors

41 Juniors

Here we go…


I feel bad for whoever gets 17th there. Top 32 needs 7 more players for points.
Good luck all!

WHAT!!! That’s a ton of seniors! The most I’ve seen was like 86.

@Gelato is 3-0-1 rn, congrats to him.

AZ had 80 and they were much more competitive tbh…


I’m going to disagree with @darksripe2—a very large contingent of Seniors that have multiple Worlds invites there today. Normally, I’m all about bussing the East’s Regionals, but not today.

There aren’t many good Seniors from your half of the country here today, sure…but if I asked one half of the country to name the good Seniors from the other half, I’d get dead air.

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What did I say? Regionals was fun. I did pretty bad, 4-2-1.

Junior top tables had
Mega Ray
2 Donphan
Eevee & friends
Manectric Suicune
1 ???
Going by memory between my son and me

Master top tables had
Lots of Yveltal
Lots of Toad Bats
Lots of Manectric
NO Blastoise


That’s not bad. What place did you get?

My bad. Wrong tag.

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I was just watching one of the top tables. Their game went into overtime. Dean something or another was playing Manectric/Garb (he won). His opponent was playing Giratina/Bronzong/Tyrantrum. Some interesting stuff here. I’m 3-0-4. I just want to go home haha